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Last chance to get a force sensitive brake pedal DIY kit!
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Last chance to get a force sensitive brake pedal DIY kit!
Hi guys,

Since this will be the last batch I thought it is worth a thread. I'm selling kits that contain of a force sensor and electronics that allow the DIY enthusiast to make a brake pedal that has linear pedal force / calibration ratio, which is a big improvement over conventional pedals. In some cases its a HUGE improvement actually!

Some more info here:

If at all interested, the link to AutoSimSport jan/feb 06 is expecially interesting (from page 47) ...

The difference is especially astounding with downforce cars.. And I seem to recall LFS just having received a 'nice downforce car' ...

Prices have gone up a bit:

Soldered kit 75 euro
non soldered 65 euro
loadcell only 40 euro

and should one need some pots to go with them I can throw two spectrol 357 conductive plastic sealed pots in for 35..

Shipping is 6 euro within Holland, 10 euro within Europe, 12.50 for the rest of the world

How much is this a last chance? If I dont get in this time, will there be another time? Will I be able to buy them at all if I dont get in? Will it be more expensive then?

Please some more info why we should get in now
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Well, the first 2 batches where about 25 orders. I'm now at just under 10..

My suppliers got more expensive and it costs a bit more time than estimated.. Plus less units to spread import taxes and shipping over, means the price goes up quite a bit with few orders.. So the first 2 batches went really well, it seems that there aren't many people left who want one anymore! Which can't be true! its great! .. ahem
so how much exactly would it cost ?
updated first post..

I don't think you can install them in DFP pedals. You really move out of the 'toy zone' with a brake pedal that can be pressed up to 50kg! No way a logitech would survive! Its also not really suited for use behind an office chair unless you have a strong guy to hold your seat straight and at the same position..
I'm interested, and I think at some point I will mod my ECCI pedals. But for now I will have to decline you're great offer. When I get round to doing this, perhaps towards the end of the year I'll give you a buzz and we can have a chat about it, even if it's just tips of you and a suppliers website.
ok generally im interested

so how exactly do you calibrate these things ? expecially how do you make sure you dont push more than what you calibrated causing it so automatically recalibrate ?
It depends on what your electronics do. Any electronics that you can use DXtweak to set start / end 'deadzones' will make sure you can't overshoot this value. Most custom USB electronics don't autocalibrate so you just calibrate to a force you wish and that will be your max during racing..
and the solder kit will be the metal thing together with a 100k strain gauge right ?

btw how linear is the load cell ?

Where do you get the actual pedals and how much money do they cost ?

If you ever decide to create whole Pedal plans / kits, I'd be happy to help. I have Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, and other useful software, and have created a lot of planning related to my work.
Hi Niels.

Do you know how hard is the modif for the FrexGP Pedals with your load cell kit ?


Last chance to get a force sensitive brake pedal DIY kit!
(11 posts, started )