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Provisional Test Race
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Quote from Tomhah :I cant come. Im going to London today, and will stay there for some days

where abouts? maybe i can tell you some of the sites, it's my home city don't you know!
Reminder that the Test Race is today at 6pm UTC, Server is "Murray Motorsport Cup"
Test Race Starts in 5 mins

I think everyone has forgotten/not realised
Nice races, what happens to the people who didn't show up?
They die!

God knows...
I got alot of PMs of people who couldnt make it. I think its just people think test races are a waste of time tbh
It was a fun session.... pity I sucked .... Hopefully there's slower people in this series who I can keep up with
Yes, it was, erm, interesting

Nice to see people value a quality racing sim over Top Gear
Actually I won both races and made it in time for Top Gear with at least 1 min to spare so you know.

Provisional Test Race
(34 posts, started )