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OLD - 25.04.09 - 12h Fern Bay Black
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OLD - 25.04.09 - 12h Fern Bay Black
We already have a topic about this Event ( ) but we have now an official subforum.

Here again the important informations:

- The start of the race: 25.04.2009, 10:00 clock (GMT +2) compare your time here:
- Qualification: 16.04.2009 until 23.04.2009
- Maximum number of participants: 32
- Required team size: 2-6 drivers

The following car classes are permitted:
- GTR (FZR, FXR, XRR) 10x
- NGT (XFR, UFR) 10x
- LRF (RAC, LX6, FZ5) 6x
- TBO (FXO, RB4, XRT) 6x

Everything else you can extract the rules please.

If want to you join this race with your team, then notify us quickly:

Further information of the 12h race can be found at

We look forward to your registrations.

Slots info:
GTR 7/10
NGT 8/10
LRF 4/6
TBO 6/6

Teamname: Badboyz
Number: 76
Car: FXR
1. P.Geiß (Phlipper)
2. A.Jungbluht (Zerby)
Teamname: n!faculty
Nummer: 23
Car: FZR
1. M.Beattie (AMB)
2. G.Eckhardt (g4ly)
3. N.Herrmann (kai0r)
4. M.Heuskel (V8 Star)
5. F.Hillen (f!nal)
Teamname: uer-racing
Nummer: 64
Car: FZR
1. C.Jasper [ lantisastina ]
2. M.Ureche [ michi119 ]
3. R.Tiefenbach [ petric_10 ]
4. S.Kresmer [ SvEnSo0n ]
Teamname: KomaCrew GTR
Nummer: 18
1. Dennis Schmitt (m4sterg)
2. Ronny Reinisch (VaG)
3. Domink Möhrle (Muhrle)
Teamname: KomaCrew GTR #2
Nummer: 11
1. Christian Rauch (_chris_)
2. Patrick Kreutz (AK-Racing 206)
Teamname: KomaCrew GTR #3
Nummer: 88
1. Kevin Groß (125er günni)
2. Jens Wand (JayPee)
3. Benjamin Plewa (Bullet4one)
Teamname: Xcite - hot fuzz zwei abgewichste profis
Nummer: 45
Car: FXR
1. S. Schippers (murdock1987)
2. C. Kistner (kiste)
Teamname: Racing Minds
Nummer: 39
Car: FZR
1.Dennis Kesper (moppaking)
2.Sven Plutta (Pludda)
Team: Silver Arrows Racing
Car: FZR or XRR
1. R.Logtenberg (Mazdaratie)
2. A.Ston (Aid)
3. A.Sinclair (thesloth)
4. (TBA)
5. (TBA)
6. (TBA)


Teamname: Xcite|Generation
Number: 19
Car: XFR
1. W. Fischer (wolfmacher)
2. C. Winkler (Cali (GER))
3. D. Knobel (Matlog)
4. I. Tanger (Maverick 23)
Teamname: eXtrem Racing
Teamtag: eX.R
Nummer: 48
1. C. Müller (Ascona b)
2. M. Peters (mikey23)
3. A.Kolberg (weißer wolf) Wichtig 3 Leerzeichen!!!!
WagenKlasse: NGTR - XFR
Teamname: mydeadline NGTR
Nummer: 66
Car: XFR
1. M. Kruse (sil3nt)
2. F. Meinert (cyrusdeluxe)
3. P. Möller (ocram85)
Teamname: Bavarian Racing
Nummer: 60
Car: XFR
1. Markus Gomel (racer1234)
2. Jörn Olfermann (sende)
3. Michael Maerkel (Grmblfx)
Teamname: Dinamo Motorsport
Nummer : 77
Car : XFR
Fahrer :
1-T.Ucar ( Tunci )
2-V.Lombardi ( lombardi )
3-U.Akdag ( halo )
4-E.Derinay ( TReeArms )
5-O.Cendeoglu ( Bulva )
6-B.Kemal ( ALFAQV )
Teamname: n!faculty NGTR
Nummer: 22
1. Holger Arndt (dpNr3)
2. folgen
3. folgen
Auto= NGT (xfr)
Teamname: Rising Shark Club
Nummer: 96
Car: NGTR (welches Auto müssen wir noch besprechen)
1. U. Bruschke (harthahn)
2. A. Wagner (cool_big_andy)
3. B. Rottland (LFS-Hero)
4. C. Ecker (mensafest)
5. T. Höfer (Intermediate07)
Teamname: Elite Racing team
Nummer: 08
Car: NGT - XFR
1. Anton Moroz (Eliteati)
2. Chris Wilkinson (Wilko868)
3. RealName (LFSWName)
4. RealName (LFSWName)
5. RealName (LFSWName)
6. RealName (LFSWName)


Teamname: Superfast racing
Number 65
Car: fz5
1. P.Marcroft [brt900]
2.J.Batts [jordan2007]
Teamname: Die Besoffenen Zwei
Nummer: 11
1. Marco Schade (jay)
2. Paul Mante (spannemann)
Teamname: 3R Team | LRF
Nummer: 87
Car: LX6
1. Björn Reichert (nixda-power)
2. Philipp Nawrocki (PoKiGER)
Teamname: SKIRT
Nummer: 99
Car: LX6
1. Marcel Krause (SandMan90)
2. Martin Macjon (MaRDoX)
3. Sebastian Seybold (Toggy88)


Teamname: Xcite - Die Urlauber
Nummer: 25
Car: FXO
1. K. Egloff (fireb0llch)
2. K. Seifert (s0ftware)
3. M. Ecken (MatzeXX)
Teamname: 3R Team | TBO
Nummer: 62
Car: FXO
1. Frederik Pieszkalla (freddy_p)
2. Dietmar Topka (westlake)
3. Ronny Lehne (preludeba4)
4. Michael Spreckels (racing mike)
5. Sabine Pieszkalla (sfmaja)
Teamname: Mugen Racing
Number: 16
Car: FXO
1. Tiffany Green(sueycide_fd)
2. Max Zimmermann(markes)
3. Hoang Pham(importfantasy)
4. P. de Bruyn(zim_mas1)
5. Jorge S(JORGE_WIN)
6. N/A (N/A)
Teamname: RS - Racing Sports
Nummer: 54
Car: TBO
1. A.Kambartel (Icemann1986)
2. S.Höhn (Speedy53)
12h Race Discuss Thread
Please use this thread for discuss about this Race. Thank you!

Since today you can join our Qualify Server to get your Startposition. You have time until 23.4.09 23:59 (GMT+2).

Please read the rules first before you drive your qualify ( Rules --> 3. ). You can check your time at the offficial 12h Homepage at your left, Main Menu " Qualify Tracker ".
We wish you all Good Luck!

Your 12h Admins.
Searching for a broadcaster
We still search for an broadcaster since Game-TV are not able to stream our great event.

Are you a broadcaster, interested for this Event, please post or PM me for further instructions.

It would be very nice if we could stream this Event!

12h Admins.

//EDIT: We got a broadcaster now, Thx!
Remember, today is your last day to drive a qualify Time!

You need the server information? Just login in our 12h Forum and you will see the thread.

Alot Drivers changed Gridclass, so there are plenty free slots available!

News: We got at least a broadcaster who will stream this great event! His name is Radu! Thanks again! Are you interested to comment this Event? PM me!
Qualify Result
Hello Racers!After the Qualify, the Race is waiting for you!

Please be 30 minutes before in Teamspeak, there will be a Greeting, you just have to stay in your own Channel.
Be 10 minutes before on the Race Server, so we can do the Gridlist!

Racestart is at Saturday (25.4.09) at 08:00 GMT (UTC) (See the current UTC time here)
For exampel English driver living in Great Britain, the race would start at 09:00 morning. For German Drivers at 10:00 morning(UTC +2).

Warming-Up on the Race Server is at 6:30 GMT (UTC) possible.
You will find the Password for the Server in our 12h Forum „Server Information“ => „Race Server“. (You have to login first.)

The Qualify Result can be found here: ... e&id=54&Itemid=60
If theres someone in Race who totally ignoring the blue flag, then type or bind this command "$SC".
The Admins will get an ingame Message and we will look into it.

We wish you good luck and good Race!

Your 12hAdmins.
PS: Remember, while race is Teamspeakduty.
No password required.

Live Stream infos coming soon.
Quote from fireb0llch :Racestart is at Saturday (25.4.09) at 08:00 GMT (UTC) (See the current UTC time here)
For exampel English driver living in Great Britain, the race would start at 08:00 morning (UTC +0). For German Drivers at 10:00 morning(UTC +2).

This is wrong.

England currently is in BST (British Summer Time) which is 1 hour ahead of UTC so the race would start at 09:00am for english drivers!!
Thank you very much for you information! We will change it now.
Np, the time zones can get very confusing.
Sorry not being able to participate. We fail to organize in such a short time, the excuse and not having enrolled hacermos present.

Translated by google
12h official Result

OLD - 25.04.09 - 12h Fern Bay Black
(13 posts, started )