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'Locked-in' drivers for Round 3, Reserve List, No-shows & NEW SIGN-UPS (CLOSED)
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Quote from sigor1976 :LFS Username : sigor1976
Real Name : Igor Sindic
Team : CROtm
Eligible (Hotlap under 2:50.18) : att
Preferred Number : 53 if it is free

As you see in the first post, please choose a number between 300 and 399 (except 353 & 376)

Best regards
Better late than never!
  • LFS Username : U4IK ST8
  • Real Name : Greg Kane
  • Team : iCON Racing
  • Eligible (Hotlap of AS6 in under 2:50.18) : 2:49.84 (attached)
  • Preferred Number : 322
Attached files
U4IK ST8_AS6_FXR_24984.spr - 254.2 KB - 52 views
still intrested
Quote from HVS5b :still interested

Joe - can you drop me from the list. No longer interested.

GL with the rest of the events
  • LFS Username : Radek44
  • Real Name : Radek Müller
  • Team : N/A
  • Eligible (Hotlap of AS6 in under 2:50.18) : 2:47,32
  • Preferred Number : 301
Attached files
Radek44_AS6_FXR_24732.spr - 213.9 KB - 62 views
I am still interested, but I'm not sure I can make the start time on Sunday.
#32 - bozo
Hi, I'll no be able to attend this Sunday due to a family commitment. Could you please move me into the 'cannot attend round 3' category please.

I'll be back for round 4 though
#33 - Rux
I am still intrested
due to my PC crapping out on me, I wont be racing.
Hopefully I'll be back for R4.
I won't be able to make the race on R3 due to family activities, perhaps I'll be there next time.
Damn, I won't be able to be at my computer at racetime, so count me out
55 M.Makalowski won't be able to do the event.
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'Locked-in' drivers for Round 3, Reserve List, No-shows & NEW SIGN-UPS (CLOSED)
(37 posts, closed, started )