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LFS S2 License
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LFS S2 License
Can someone buy me a S2 license plz. and so i dont have to pay me back can u plz be generous enough if u can just send me a pm i go on every morning and afternoon Thank u
So you ask people buy you a license without you gotta give them anything back and say thanks already, wow. I hope good luck
There are some leagues where the winner is awarded an S2 licence.

Enter one of those or pay for it yourself like 95% of people have done.
Wow, the American economy really has fallen through its ass!
Not only is it a Demo user begging for an S2 license, but he's been on a frickin' CRUISE server all day. Nobody is gonna pay for a license for that
LOL this guy must be on crack. Piss off
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LFS S2 License
(9 posts, closed, started )