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Endurance Race on FE Black.
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Poll : I would....

maybe drive, like how much Drivers would participate.
drive! Action pur!
not drive! Im too scared on FE Black
Endurance Race on FE Black.
Hi all, id like to ask everybody, would you drive an Endurance Race like 12h Race on FE Black with GTR's, NGTR's, LRF & TBO?

We ( Team Xcite ) would like to make an Endurance Race on FE Black.
So plz vote if you would drive!
Not going to drive, but I'm not scared of FE Black?

Weird options.

Wrong section (try LFS Racing).

I drove an endurance race (6 hours) on FE Black with the GTR class 31/1, and it was great fun, I'd love to do that again.
Sounds good, i love this track, it's LFS's Nordschleife.
But 12 hours is too much imo, i'll see if i can put our team together for this.
i would if there would be like 25+ people and the time of the race is lower (6h or something)
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Ok we are working very hard on a homepage. We already got Servers, Trackers etc.

So you will get informed soon! Stay tuned!

We are gonna do this @ 24.4.09.

Quote from fireb0llch :So you will get informed soon! Stay tuned!

We are gonna do this @ 24.4.09.

Great! looking forward to it Pls make it at least 12 hrs.
Im sure I could get a few lads from ERT to do it with me

Sounds good
Great guys,

It will be a 12 Hour Race. Full Grid.

More information coming soon.
I would drive in a car with no slicks
would be great, if alot would drive TBO or LRF. We are giving more information soon! Stay Tuned!
Make it 6hours and Im in.
Make it 6hours and another date, and we're in.
This wouldnt be our last Event or so... So our first Event is @ 24.4.09, no chance to change the date. Sry.

And we think, 12h is good too.
Hm, maybe I saw wrong but 24/4 is a friday. Isn't it a bit dumb to place a 12 hour long race on a friday? You know, people have work, and after work many are too tired to drive, etc etc.

I've checked with the team I'm part of and from the sound of it we're interested in participating, but I'm not so sure that we can participate on that day.

Hopefully I saw wrong in the first place, so 24/4 isn't a friday at all.
ups ok... it will be on a saturday, so its 25.4. Sry
I think this would be very interesting, I'd like to participate, If I could make some of my team mates interested and that shouldn't be too hard
booo too all of those who are scared of FE
Well, SCCS won't participate. One 12 hour race on saturday and then there's a 4 hour IGTC race the day after. 12+4 hours under one holiday is just too much for us.

Good luck to those who will participate anyway. Hopefully this race will be broadcasted so I/we can watch it at least.
We dont have a broadcaster, if somebody knows or yourself can broadcast, post it here plz. This would be great with Broadcast

@[SWE]RE: Good luck in IGTC! We will make some more Races, maybe you can drive in the next time
Whats the maximum number of drivers per team?
6.... minimum 2.

We just have to finish every text for signing up, making a logo after that, you can find every information after we are ready


We still searching for broadcaster
I think mate how about x2 6 hour race ? I would love to take part though would be a right laugh XD
Thank your for your suggestion, but we will do a 12h Race first. Maybe next time
So the race is in like 2 months?

Why on Earth such a long time to wait? I will probably forget about it by the time, so this poll was completely useless.
we must test our Qualify & Live Tracker first, and finishing our homepage! We just like to know, who would drive this combo

We will launch in 1-2 Weeks!
I'd like to try endurance race for a once. So count me in.

Endurance Race on FE Black.
(27 posts, started )