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"All Around The World" S2 Team Series
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#1 - lvlo
"All Around The World" S2 Team Series
Hi there

We have Rally-Weekly-Demo-Races and I think all who was there have found that racing with team members or just good drivers is great fun.

More than half of us has S2 license and probably each member has favorite track/car or wish to make a race. So, lets share our experience to each other and combine all it into one Team Series. Also this can helps to learn new tracks and cars

Why "All Around The World"? Well, [STRIKE OUT]AirAttack conquered the whole World![/STRIKE OUT] we have members in USA, Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc and I thought that it will be nice if we can use our locations somehow.

To make it possible each member has to go through 4 simple steps:
  • choose track and car for 1 race in Series
  • give a name for event which must contain his location
  • define special rules if needed: race length, pit stops, restrictions and other stuff
  • post results here
Simple example:

Quote :
Name: [AA] Woox
Race: UFO hurry-scurry in London
Track: South City Sprint 1 (SO2)
Car: FZ50 GTR (FZR)
Rules: Standard

Please, don't double tracks, even with different cars. Taken tracks: BL2R

Standard race (can be changed):
  • 15 min qualification
  • 2 races 15 min plus 1 lap each (20 minutes is a maximum), normal and reversed start grid
  • no pit stop required
One race in a week or two (with practice sessions before the race): no strict day, event can be +-2 days around Monday.

Each member has 1 invite: you can call a friend or just good driver to race. If you have nobody to call - you can give your invite to other member.

We have around 20 S2 licensed members = 20 races. Close to the Series' end there may be 2 races for Demo racers (BL1, BL2). Series starts at spring - you have some time to think.

And last thing - we will make this Series together
lvlo "the Legend"
Serg my friend,
you are the man, another great idea.....So this would be like AA inhouse championship with points etc?

#3 - lvlo
Haha :)
Hey James

Yes, it will be what you thought about - with all necessary stuff. Points system may be a little extended - good lap points will be included too. And not-so-in-house cause guests are important part too.

It will be very funny if this Series will win not AirAattack member

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#4 - lvlo
yeah - another glue for team
Nice one time and date? NOT MONDAYS its my GTR on mondays
I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it to the race, but maybe something will change in my day shedule by the spring...

save for me bl2r with xfg as "Silesian Joker".
Race format:
Standard 2 race event with 8 laps per race (including 1 joker lap*) and reversed grid in second race.
Special rules:
- Everyone wear some additional weght based on the PB time difference to the WR as below:

pb time < 1.12.50: +1kg/0.02sec (that goes up to 190kg closing to WR time)

- I'd add also bonus 1% intake restriction for those below WR time, as we do have WR holder among us (cheers Boost ;-)) but that needs some testing...

It should ensure that even those unfamiliar with track would have chance competing with the others.

*what joker lap is you may read there or see example attached to this post
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#7 - lvlo
@ Duffis: Haha I think you need to read first post carefully one more time mate. You define dates by your selfs - not me, I just gave the edges.

@ JoRuss: Wow! I'm impressed Jo, really great idea I'm not sure about intake restriction cause we will have practice sessions eventually and "joker lap" will make big sense as randomized factor.

Ladies and gentlemen! We have first race I will post taken tracks in 1 post. Order list and dates we will define when will take all your ideas.
you making fun of me? :gt::something
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i have bought s2 now
YES!!! more people have s2
#11 - lvlo
I'm happy to go with the flow. I am only really used to the FBM and XFG, so anything that gets me to race something different will be great. Also good to try some of the tracks I haven't tried much like FE Black and Aston Historic. Trying a new car and a new track together though will be a big challenge!
I'm interested in this serie, but since im not a member of AA (although i am a limad on airattack) i'm wondering if i may participate?
#14 - lvlo
good idea
Name: [AA] Duffis
Race: Slalom in Lithuania
Track: Black wood car park with my layout
Time-Date: 19:00 GTM (UK time) 09/02/09


There will be no crashing because you racing against time.

Layout is posted with this post and you can practice.

I will explain more in before race.


Password is original if some people don't know please PM me i will tell.

In this video you can see my 12 year old cousin. ... m.v%253Doepheuocllmcemkbh
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#17 - lvlo
Quote from lvlo :Hmmm...

If you know what spring is dosent mean all of as knows what it dose mean

"All Around The World" S2 Team Series
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