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Adjusted sounds for every car
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Adjusted sounds for every car
I've gone through every car in LFS and adjusted the sounds to be as realistic as possible.

I've done the following:

-Every cars sound was adjusted manualy

-Road cars have quiet interiors, meaning the engine sound is muffled and is at a much lower volume

-Road car turbos are almost inaudible just like real life stock turbos.

-GTR cars sound similar to road car variants, but have harsher sound because of agressive engine tuning and difference in exhaust, also not muffled as much due to lack of most of the interior.

-LX cars sound as close to Caterhams as I could possibly get them to with the default pulse clip.

-FZ50 is as close to sounding like a porsche 911 as I could get it to.

-Formula cars where adjusted extensively to sound like thier real life counterparts.

I used only the sliders to adjust things, the only new sound I added was the shifting sound in the road cars. That was sampled from NFS Porsche unleashed, because it sounded good.

Edit: Files changed, now you can put the files in your folder without overriding the originals, and you should be able to load them as a pack now.
This way you can switch between them when you want to. Many thanks to Bob Smith for telling me how to change the files all at once. As an extra note, please remember to download all three files, they only work if you download all three. Also, the road cars will have the volumes adjusted when the new car is released, I will be making a new thread with all of my custom stuff.
Attached files
Dragon-Commandos engines.part1.rar - 1.4 MB - 368 views
Dragon-Commandos engines.part2.rar - 1.4 MB - 315 views
Dragon-Commandos engines.part3.rar - 946.1 KB - 292 views
So nobody likes these sounds?

Guess its because I didn't rice them up
It's a nice realism(ish) pack, I haven't gone through them all, would be good for cruisers, but for me I like to have a very loud audible engine so I can judge revs without needing to glance at the counter.

Nice though, don't take it the wrong way
I'll have a look (listen?) thru, but personally I'd have preferred if the files weren't to replace the default sounds because it's easy enough to load alternatives with shift-a
Simply run:
ren ???_default.eng ???_DragonC.eng

at the command prompt (at the folder you extracted them to) before you move them into your LFS folder, then you can load them as a pack from LFS and not lose your original sounds.
ren *_*.eng *_dragon.eng Works fine too But yes, it's not a big issue.
Edit: See first post, Files have changed.
Quote from NotAnIllusion :ren *_*.eng *_dragon.eng Works fine too

Only if you've not got any other sound packs installed.
Unless you rename the files before moving them from the separate engine folder you extracted them to
No worries guys, I fixed the sounds, and I'm adding the Scirocco to the pack shortly after it's released.
Quote from NotAnIllusion :I'll have a look (listen?) thru, but personally I'd have preferred if the files weren't to replace the default sounds because it's easy enough to load alternatives with shift-a

maybe I don't know what I'm doing... but when I press shift+a in lfs, nothing happens....

edit: nvm I figured it out.
Since I noticed alot of people are downloading this, but the downloads are lopsided I thaught I'd make a note that you need to download ALL 3 files before it will work correctly
Thanks, nicely done. I'm using them right now.

Adjusted sounds for every car
(16 posts, started )