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I am still working on graphics code (mainly optimisations at the moment) and need to get onto the tyre physics code and then the packet encryption. Eric still has more tracks to update. So it's still quite some time yet.
For a while, licenses were not available at BRCruse but now they are again, which can be useful as local payment methods are available for Brazilian people.

As stated many times recently, I am interested in making it harder for crackers to crack LFS. But there isn't really much point releasing the same current version with new crack protection, as the old one is still around. So crackers could say:
"Ah, I can have this version or that version of Live for Speed, which are exactly the same except one is easier to crack and one is harder... hmm, hmm, oh what a dilemma, hmm... what a difficult decision, hmm... what will I do?" Big grin

I think you get my point. What we need is a new and updated LFS that people do want to have, that also comes with better crack protection. Better not give up all actual development right now in order to work on crack protection. Eric will be able to use the new graphical tools that I am currently developing, while I get on with some crack protection, packet encryption and so on.

EDIT: No more points to be made here. Thread closed.
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The setup bug is related to encryption. There was no check that the decryption was successful.

Now (since 0.6E14) the bug may still happen, but it will be detected and you will join the spectators with a light red message.

I would like to prevent the decryption bug happening but this will depend on better knowledge about how the bug comes up. The new message may help with that.

About the graphical bug with TH2GO, I am interested to know how it goes using the new Test Patch because it uses DX9 instead of DX8.