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Event 3, AS Club rev POOL Password Problem
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first of all I'm posting it here because I cannot log into my email atm ( internal server error, yay).

It's just over 10 hours till the race and I want to write down the server name and password for the race, but the POOL password is not there.
The only password i can see is the one for the Qualifying.

I'm in pool 3 btw,


S.Varjonen fixed it, thanks !
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Same here Kamo ...
in Race 1 the trouble started in Turn 1 and they pretty much never ended (hitting walls and stuff).

Race 2 went Ok until i was taken out when 2 other cars crashed ... i didn't manage to turn my car around again and had to quit.

Sad cause i liked the combo ...
Time to get into the next combo ... which has GRASS
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Thx for the set Ant, but it seems theres way too much oversteer on that one.
Are you sure you uploaded the correct set?
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Thx for the set bozo,
it really helped me to keep the tires cooler and have a decent race.

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@ Tim: unlucky, i did the same thing during our SCCC 2 hour endurance test. Missed a corner as went to the beach.

My racereport:

Laglap 1 was a mess, somehow i hugged the wall hard before T1.
Laglap 2 was a lot better, went thru the corners clear.

Race start, seems like people took it easy and most made it thru (one car rolled it tho, scary).
I noobed up the first 3 laps of my race and decided to go flatout on the grass and make some sexy time with the wall before coming back on the track and doing a sloppy 2nd on the next wall.
Car damaged, lost all my concentration.

The next 2 laps or so were bad ... the car was nervous (due to the damage) and i just couldn't keep it on the normal line so i decided to pit.
Repaired the damage as i watched myself drop to near last place.
(Great Rookie, 2 months of practice and you're now just about last, in the last pool? Good job.)

Car fixed and i'm back on the road.
I started to race and my laptimes dropped to normal (for a noob like me) and i kept driving consistently.
Started to overtake others (slower cars and those that pitted).
I remember Tim coming out of the pits and sqeezing it between me and the HR guy. But soon they fell pray to me.

Race was coming near and end, 1 lap to go and i was sniffing Rasta's rear. He's going down! (P7 here i come).
He was not as fast down the main straight and took it easy in T1 (last lap you know, people wanna finish it).
So i noobed it up and decided to go brake on the grass and do a nice slide into the wall. P7 was now gone and i had to hurry back on the road not to lose any places.
I floored it and watched PeterVSP totally wreck the car (was hoping it was Rasta ) in sector 2.
Overtook a car that ran out of fuel right before the finish and ended 7th.
Not bad for a morning of stuffing things up.

I could have done a lot better ... but looking back on how i messed up, it was ok.

Great racing at the front guys, you Pool 3 aliens
See you all next round ... on the oval! Oh dear.
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Quote from N I K I : You can take a look at My3id's race report in here.

That links to OLFSL - Race 3

The correct link is

Thx for the report and replays My3id.
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Ooohhh an Aussie League?! Sweet !

Signed up on the forum (waiting activation from admin),
i definitely want to sign up for this one!

Clubman plz
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/slap Deutschland2007


And yes your reply made me look at it differently.

But i still want an official reply from the crew to rule out confusing 100%.
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Quote from CSF ::chairs:

Try not contradicting his post given you are on the bloody IGTC waiting list!
- Read Broe's post again.

I've read all of this thread and i downloaded the PDF rules and read thru them.

Where does it say that being on the waiting list for IGTC automaticly bans you from GTAL?
I thought it said "no IGTC experience".
Our team has no previous endurance racing experience in any league so i do not see why we would not be allowed to "apply" to GTAL. We are not and have not participated in any endurance league so far.

Does being on the waiting list = participating?

From the rules of GTAL:

3. IGTC and MoE Teams are allowed to take part in following cases:
- No driver in the lineup participates or participated in the current or previous MoE or IGTC season.
- If a team that already has an entry in MoE or IGTC wins the GTAL season championship, the (eventually given) prize for the season defaults to the first team in the championship order who do not already have a MoE/IGTC entry.

Does participating = be on the waiting list? Or does it mean actually start/drive 1 race or more?

Does "have an entry" = be on the waiting list? Or does it mean start/drive 1 race or more?

This is a bit unclear to me.
Could you please clarify this so its 100% clear what is meant by this.

As far as i know none of the SCCC endurance team drivers have ever driving in GTAL, IGTC or MoE. Therefor we seem to be eligible to apply for GTAL, right?

I'm not trying to start a fight or anything, i would just like to have this cleared up so we (SCCC) know what to do.

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Quote from SparkyDave :Did you visit and install the logitech gaming software?

I grabbed the software, i'll give it a go tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
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I'm still driving the FZR for now, but i will give the sets provided here a go.
You never know i can suddenly drive the XRR better
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Damn, looks like i missed it
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I tried Win 7 RC today for the first time (after hearing so many people having good experiences with it).

I must say the installation and system setup were fast and easy.
The OS runs smooth and everything seemed to work from the start.
(I updated my GFX card drivers with the latest ones from Nvidia for Win 7)

LFS ran great (slightly more frames per second than on my XP) but the lack of working drivers for my Logitech MoMo wheel made me return to XP.

Not having Force Feedback and the usual feeling of a decent wheel sucks.

Since the RTM of Win 7 is out it shouldn't be long before we see real Win 7 drivers from Logitech ( i hope).

But the overall feeling of the OS is great. It may look like Vista but it's FAST.
Preview - Event 6 - XRR & FZR @ Kyoto GP Long Reverse
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Hey everyone,

first of all i hope you're enjoying your holidays (if you have them, unlike me).

So the next race is at the Kyoto Ring on the GP Long Reverse track with either the XRR or the FZR (your choice).

What car is everyone planning to use?
How's practice going?
Anyone else having tire issues when trying to drive "fast" for more than a few laps?

I've been reading a book about racing and tried to modify my car setup a little.
Well ... i still have rear tire issues, where the inside of the tire gets greener and greener (eventually red) and the outside is still blue.

I tried lowering the camber, played with tire pressure and compounds but i can't seem to get the tires to run the way i want.

Thats with the FZR as i can't get the XRR around the track at all.

I know it's still a long time before the race, but i want to be fully prepared this time (unlike last race).

Anyone have anything to share (setups, tips ...) ?

I really like driving the FZR altho most setups i find give me horrible oversteer. And i'm just plain slow

Fastest lap so far: FZR - 2mins 18seconds.
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First of all, GRATS GianniC

As for myself ... the race went as i had feared.
I qualified 10th in a pool where i would be slow as hell ... and that is exactly how it was.
I went off in T2 in the laglap ... the actual start put me back near the end of the train of cars and i had no chance of keeping anyone behind me.
I was able to overtake people who went off the road or made pitstops and was slowly crawling back to the top 10.
Being 9th and with [KA]Walaran in my back i started to wake up and was putting down some better laptimes until ... my car went from 4th gear into reverse in a medium fast corner.
One big slide (thank god i ended in the grass) and i was 11th again.
It all went downhill from there as my engine sounded broken and the car seemed to get stuck in gears often.
Another downshift from 2nd to 1st while accelerating from the last corner was the sign of a damage car and i had to slow down a bit.
My tires were fine nearly all race most likely due to my slower laps ...
I didn't have much of a fight with anyone ... it was pretty boring for me.

In the end it's clear i belong in the last pool where i do have people to race with.

Grats to all the winners, i am looking forward to watching the replays.
Have a great holiday and see you all in September.

- a disappointed Rookie41
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Hmm i thought the server would catch the game version difference and not allow them to join.

But if it allows them to do so ... oh dear i can't imagine the mess we are gonna have after the race.

Maybe it's time to quickly put it on the front page in HUGE letters that patch Z15 with ABS will not be allowed.

What happens to people who do use it? DQ?

-edit-: Just to make it clear, i will not and have not used Patch Z15 for this event.
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Or you can always take your current skin and just write the text on it yourself

See you on the track !
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I'm glad it's not just me.
Hope they fix it soon, i check that page ... alot
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Are you ok with me having the following line on the back of my car?

" In memory of Tiffany May Watson 1981-2009 "

- Rookie41.
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Our condolences go out to you and your family.
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Even with Ant's setup i have trouble controlling the car.
It is so nervous in the corners i can't do more than 2-3 laps without putting it in the grass, sand or wall.
I also had a problem with tires locking up every now and then which usually ended with the car going sideways or off road.

I ended up changing the setup i downloaded (which had a LOCKED DIFF!) with Ant's clutch / gear settings.
The result is a car that's not nervous in the corners and fairly easy to control.

The only issue i have at the moment are the tires. If i go flat out, aggressively driving to get good lap times like during QUALY i go thru a set of tires in about 4-5 laps max.

The only thing that stops me from killing the tires is drive a little slower and stop the car from sliding in the corners.

There's a thin line between going fast and killing the tires in a few laps and driving just a little slower to keep the tires good for a long time.

During my Qualy time of 2:02:00 the tires went from 51-68 degrees in 1 lap ... the next lap or so and i would have started sliding everywhere.
During my offline racing i lap around 2:04-xx and 2:06-xx and it keeps the tires at 60-62 max for 10+ laps.

It's gonna be an long race ... looks like i might have to take it easy to get to the finish line in 1 piece and 1 pitstop.

Edit: i use a Logitech MoMo racing wheel ... and let the PC do my shifting (yup i'm lazy)
I added my setup , feel free to improve or comment on it
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Awesome !

Thx for sharing it with us.
I was planning to ask for a set as all the ones i downloaded before are weird and give me tire issues.
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Quote from russraine :sorry to everyone who had to see me spin around etc....
Looking forward to Westhill for the next event, not sure about the XRT though - I'd have preferred a single seater myself.

No problem man, after watching the replay and following your car for a while i understand your frustration with the car. Seemed to go fine for a couple laps then BAM side-ways or spin ...
Never had any trouble with lapping you and i noticed you went out of your way where possible.

I don't remember anyone making lapping hell ... i know everyone is having their own race and fights so i understand you can't just pull over or go off road to let me pass

About corner cutting ... at the ones who had to use the grass as extra track. You should have left those qualy objects there ... would have been funny to see a car get airborne every now and then.

I'm looking forward to Westhill myself ... maybe not so much to driving the XRT as i can't seem to get the hang of it yet. (Power sliding in corners and such).
I think i won't be fighting for 1st/2nd there ... more like trying to keep it on the road and have some fun at the back of the pack
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Event 4 - LX4 @ Fern Bay Club REV - Afterthoughts
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Share your thoughts, complaints, race experiences ...

My race was in Pool5 and i had a blast.
I ended 2nd after an awesome race with lots of fighting for the first 4 places.

The LX4 was a handful but thanks to a friendly person i obtained a great setup which made the car a lot easier to handle (thx Teichmann).

The race itself, first corner went very well for me and i was doing qualifying laps till i caught up to the cars in front of me.
Hardly any space to overtake so i just tried to stay as close as possible and force them into a mistake.
Robb didnt wanna give his 1st place up and during traffic 2nd, 3rd, 4th got mixed up a bit. I went sideways after a misjudgment in the speed of the slower car in front of me.
No big deal as i went from 4th to 2nd shortly later due to traffic/mistake of those in front of me.

I was slowly catching up to Robb again near the end but due to the low fuel in my car i was suffering from over steer.

I had a great car setup and it felt like i was one of the faster cars the first half of the race ... near the end i was sliding all over the place (front wheels) and too busy fighting with GianniC and SCP Igor.

Great race all (even the slower cars), it was a lot of fun and I'm happy my 2 weeks of practice and looking forward to this race paid off

Gonna watch the replays in a bit ... see you all next event!
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I think it is fairly simple to explain.

If a team was allowed to have unlimited racers score points, the biggest team would most likely win the team competition, right?

The way it is now is that each team can only have 2 racers who can get points for the team championship.
Why? So that small teams with 2 racers have the same chance of winning the team championship as the teams with 5+ racers.

That's how it works in my opinion