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S2 licensed
i do appologise for my attitude - its just that i get fed up with people who if they don't like something they have to comment on it instead of just leaving it be and going somewhere else, its annoying they do no positive thing to the thread. and also people who answer a simple question or reply to someone personal opinion with insults or sarcasm - again no help at all.

about this drugs thing, all i got to say is so what? drugs are a part of life, and i think the world has gone to soft condemning stuff like drugs in computer games, if you think about it alot of games have drugs in, weather its potion +1 or stim packs the bottom line is its a drug.

now if they had programmed in side affects or something like that then i would agree it maybe would have gone a little to far but they didn't, and i bet if they named them fake drug names that the issue wouldn't have even been brought up.

Quote : I think it was bad to have the drugs in the servers kinda brings a bad name to LFS. Peoples going to think LFS is going to be the next Grand Theft Auto...

G.W might but he's be the only one - again personally i think its a complete over reaction and as far as i know there was no complaints or anything until LC went down
S2 licensed
sounds like you thought this out well aswell, nice version of the idea - thanks.
S2 licensed
Quote from RacerAsh3 :We (TC) are not primarily a cruise server, we are 'Cops & Robbers'. So thats partly why we have a speeding fine straight away when you go over the limit n all that.

well its something i don't like, mostly because the fine is too steep for how much you break the speed limit and perhaps with LC going down you may want to think about changing a little to incorporate people from LC, you may get more popular from it - who knows.

Quote :
btw TC is one of the most populair cruise servers, and ITS CRUISE ffs. not something where you have to speed, if you wanna speed go to a F****** race server!

f**k you sir and f**k your bad attitude - ITS CRUISE means nothing LC was cruise yet you could speed - so that argument if flawed, at least racerash3 was kind enough to give a decent reason - and fyi LC was also one of the most popular tyvm.
user submited content - decrease development time
S2 licensed
this would only really work for stuff like new tracks/ car models etc but my example is on tracks.

Ok basically, if someone makes a track +/- textures i don't know and wants to submit it to LFS then bobs your uncle a submitted track but a few rules need to be applied.

1) It needs to be in a compatible format e.g. 3ds (or whatever the tracks are built with for the game)

2) needs to be shown off in the submission so whoever looks at it from LFS can imideatly tell if its worth the time to look at

3) all rights to use and modify the track are given to the LFS team upon submission.

Reason) if a submission of decent design and detail is submitted then it will cut down development costs and time on a new track

Example) there is a great example of user submitted content working in the development of a game, its called infinity: The quest for earth. and it just goes to show that users can achieve a level equal or sometimes even better to what the game developers can do.

Doubts) there will be some of you out there saying that LFS doesn't need a new track and stuff like that - well if someone wants to build a track and have it part as a game i say let them try, if it doesn't get in, no biggie if it does were no worse off because of it, we have a new track to play with and at significant less time to the devs than them designating and building a new track from scratch them selfs.

Incentive) perhaps as a reward for the submission (if passed into game) the player can have LFS free forever (no matter what S edition comes out???)

information) all that people need to have to start off really is the model formats and maybe some size information and the permission to actually submit content

1) new tracks/cars/stuff
2) faster development on content
3) more time to improve other parts of game
4) less development costs
5) more content will probably bring more paying customers

1) devs loose a few mins looking at content unworthy

please only constructive criticism and mature reply only
S2 licensed
Quote from G!NhO :no, it is cruise! it prevents you from speeding all the time.

witch is dull and boring, lc was great because you could speed but if you did you'd get cops after you who would or wouldn't catch and fine you - its no fun if you just go a tad over the speed limit and get -40 cash per second or whatever, it also means theres nothing to achieve, any new faster car you buy is useless, may aswell stick with the noob car unless you want to be uber poor in the server from racing around witch to be frank id do as soon as i got one of the final cars so ultimately it stops speeding until you got final car then its useless and im very sure that TC would be alot more popular if it had a system more like lc than the current system
S2 licensed
sign me up, sounds like fun

also sign up kickasskyle (my bro)
S2 licensed
what calcs would that be, and yes i agree that the minus money over speed limit on tc is crap thats the cops job
S2 licensed
so has anyone got a clue to when/if LC is coming back?
S2 licensed
LC had a right to be mad, at the end of the day its there servers and game experience that the script kiddies are messing with, you should have to be nice to them just so the server doesn't get fubar'd because they don't have the right to do that.

and the difference between hackers and script kiddies are:

hackers: apply knowledge and experience to actively break into systems and "hack" through firewalls and defenses.

script kiddies: bunch of 12 year olds from 4chan who thing there pro hackers because they can press a .exe for a script.

i have a certain respect for hackers (the ones with honor) like the ones that go after places that rip people off etc, but script kiddies should grow up and get a life - message to the script kiddies if you see this "get out of the basement and get a real life"
S2 licensed
i dont care what other people though of LC, i played quite a but there in the past few weeks and have really enjoyed it.

what has happened is a few script kiddies have decided to take down LC and possibly there website.

i hope the devs get on these gits and at least make it not possible for them to do anything in game, if they took down the websites, all i can prescribe is some php security.
suggestions for lfs and s3
S2 licensed
here is some suggestion i think would be best in LFS.

1) formula cars (normal cars not rly affected) wheels "graining"
if someone crashes on the track the server should note that there may be little bits of debre on that part and then that will add to graining also if you go off track that will also do it (for those who don't know graining makes less grip).

2) grass + sand = loose heat in wheels fast.

3) more verity of cars for s3, maybe 10+ new ones so we can have a new class and more in a similar class to some of the existing cars personally i would like to see a few muscle cars in for the drag racing and the fun, also some more sports cars like the RAC.

4) an option to use every part of a track at the same time(for cruise mode)

5)during racing its likely if you spawn and someone has pit right in front of you, i recommend that you have a 2-4 second window of ghosting to get past people that pit in front of you.

6)barriers react less (i can drive into a barrier at 50 and end up accelerated into the sky at 150 spinning out of control).

7) don't know about other cars but i don't think bf1 wheels cool down fast enough to balance heat out.

8) full dirt tracks + cars made for that type of track.

9) optional traction control for all cars (when traction control is on yes it helps cars turn corners and stops wheel spins but it also takes a little bit of the cars power so it should balance it out

10) ABS - is there any of that in the game? allot of crashes are people who lock there wheels abs should stop this problem from accuring quite as often

11) options to change rear down force on any car with a spoiler

thats all the suggestion i can think of that would rly add to the game

cc only plz