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Just a ride ban
S3 licensed
Hi! i just want to ask about some problems i got with just a ride server
i got banned 2 days ago, for i think, "reckless driving",
i thing i was driving fast with other person, and i crashed somebody, after that, an admin said me good bye, and banned me,Confused
if i did something more than that, i want to say sorry, see for how much time i got banned, and ask if any admin should unban me, sorry again

Javi Frown
S3 licensed
Hi guys,
After some days without playing and fixing up my computer, i decided to make a clean install of windows, so i'll be online again in 2/3 days
thanks you all for your help Smile
S3 licensed
thanks!, so, how can i solve that?, i mean, just because last time it happened to me, solved after 2 days, so do you recomend me any way to solve that? (examples, processes...)
waiting you answer Smile
EM30 Repsol skin!
S3 licensed
Hi you all!
im just sharing mi skin inspired in the repsol's fuel racing team
its my first skin i've made for the comunity, so i hope you like it!
JaviThumbs up
Game fluency/performance
S3 licensed
Hello!, im sending you this email because i'd like to ask you about a
problem i'm having in the game.
This thing happened to me once, 1/2 months ago, and it was
suddenlysolved after 2/3 days.
The fact is that the game worked perfectly for me, without any
glitches, fluid, going at the most difficult circunstances at 70/80
But 2 days ago, i turned off my computer (its low-end one), the next day i turned it back on, i connected to an online room ,most specific at city driving one, as i always do, but i see that the FPS goes very low, it doesn't go above 40 in normal areas, Even if i join an empty room, the FPS gets even lower.
Anyway, i can continue playing perfectly, cause the game's running at
45/50/60 fps normally
I haven't touched nothing in the graphics config, and its exactly the
same as when it was going well
for other part, the game runs perfectly and there's no problem.
I hope you read my message and have an answer for my problem
Javi Smile
S3 licensed
EM30 Repsol skin Thumbs up

Its my first skin, so i hope you like it! Big grin
S3 licensed
Thanks dude!
its my first skin, so, i hope you'll like it! it is already avaliable Smile
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S3 licensed
Hi! i loved this proyect, and i made an skin for it!, but it says:
"The filename of your skin does not start with an existing vehicle mod prefix." but the first name i putted its "EM30", do you have any idea?