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requires version 0.7B and up
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(version 12)
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Drive side :
Can choose drive side
Engine :
7 litre inline 6 / Rear wheel drive
Power :
373 kW (500 bhp) @ 4482 rpm
Torque :
961 Nm (709 lbft) @ 2566 rpm
Total mass :
7911 kg (17442 lbs)
Power-weight :
47 W / kg (64 bhp/ton)
Transmission :
H-pattern gearbox
Fuel tank size :
300 litres
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Fully Configurable Utility Truck (4 in 1)
Line Runner IV
4 Configurations wich are:
-Box unit
-Shipping Container
-Cement Mixer

Every thing is skinable and perfect skin aspect ratio for detailed skins

-8 tons
~500 horsepower
-7 speed H pattern gearbox

Skin templates should be found in skins tab, it contains important information about the layout of parts and what to be aware of for a batter skin, i recommend checking it before making your own skin.

Feel Free to share your opinion / suggestions and maybe help me make it even better Smile
Have a nice day of trukin...
Development discussion thread:


Picsart_22-02-16_18-43-09-146.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-43-28-653.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-42-59-444.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-43-50-740.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-43-42-645.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-41-27-996.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-43-18-193.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-40-56-802.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-41-37-408.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-40-36-130.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-40-47-107.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-41-58-745.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-41-16-546.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-41-46-626.jpg  Picsart_22-02-16_18-41-06-585.jpg  Picsart_22-02-17_07-36-04-248.jpg  Picsart_22-02-21_20-15-55-405.jpg  Picsart_22-02-21_20-16-23-175.jpg  Picsart_22-02-21_20-16-31-577.jpg  Picsart_22-02-21_20-16-14-036.jpg  Picsart_22-02-21_20-16-56-217.jpg  Picsart_22-02-21_20-16-05-157.jpg 


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The author of this Vehicle Mod has indicated that this work is an original creation and has provided the following description of the approach:
After alot of search I found some blueprints (posted in thread) and used it  as a main scheme to build on & used some IRL images as reference to feel depth and details.
Everything was built by me (bayanofmansorofisky).
Its not perfectly matching but it i am happy with the result that came out, the dash is also fully made by me earlier along with All of the 4 Configurations & Frame.
For pictures of building process see the mod thread.

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License type : LFS Vehicle License
Derivatives are allowed : NO

Intellectual property

This Vehicle Mod is inspired by another vehicle.
Both Ford F700 Trucks (1980 to 1990) & Aeromax Trucks


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If however some detail has been overlooked during the review process and you wish to address this, you can file a dispute by contacting the LFS developers.
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