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requires version 0.7B and up
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(version 6)
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Vehicle class :
Saloon car
Drive side :
Central driver position
Engine :
250 cc single cylinder / Rear wheel drive
Power :
5 kW (7 bhp) @ 5479 rpm
Torque :
9 Nm (7 lbft) @ 5479 rpm
Total mass :
100 kg (221 lbs)
Power-weight :
51 W / kg (69 bhp/ton)
Transmission :
H-pattern gearbox
Fuel tank size :
9 litres
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a Cute Death trap
Behold the PeePee50
A 3 wheeler for one person that is slightly slower than walking
Can fit pretty much everywhere due to smol size

0 to 60 km/h depends on what you had for breakfast
Easy to flip when going over 20 on corners but can be recovered easily.. Just get out and pick it up
Key features:
-Driver fits
-a very nice 7hp
-9 nm of tourq
-total weight of 100kg
- 1 cylinder 2 stroke engine, your wife's kitchen blender has more power
-driver fits
-has a door
Aaaand the most amazing thing you will see issss... A REVERSE GEAR!!!
Development discussion thread:


Picsart_22-04-27_11-27-35-283.jpg  Picsart_22-04-27_11-27-44-522.jpg  Picsart_22-04-27_11-27-13-390.jpg  Picsart_22-04-27_11-27-23-071.jpg  Picsart_22-04-27_11-27-54-523.jpg 


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Built around the blueprints i got my hands on
Pictures of building process are in development thread

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Vehicle inspired by the 1964 Peel P50 the smallest car in the world as seen in Top Gear Show


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