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requires version 0.7B and up
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(version 23)
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Vehicle class :
Saloon car
Drive side :
Can choose drive side
Engine :
1.6 litre inline 3 / Front wheel drive
Power :
166 kW (223 bhp) @ 6973 rpm
Torque :
273 Nm (201 lbft) @ 2789 rpm
Total mass :
983 kg (2167 lbs)
Power-weight :
169 W / kg (231 bhp/ton)
Transmission :
Sequential with ignition cut
Fuel tank size :
30 litres
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A rally contribution to the 90s compact hatch segment
It came in many bizarre trims, as was the case with most French cars at the time, and was mostly aimed at teenagers since it was a very affordable car.

A Rally version.

Big thanks to Nyrak (he doesn't have an S3 yet), who did the sound, suspension, setups, engine, differential, steering animation, masses and weight. Smile

Also big thanks to LucasBE, for letting me use his model.
Development discussion thread:


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