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Buy an LFS gift voucher

If you want to help a friend who cannot buy an LFS license for some reason, or if you would like to give someone an LFS license as a gift, you can buy a voucher code here.

An LFS gift voucher code works like a gift voucher in a shop. You can buy a voucher for any value from £3 to £36 and give the code to someone else. They will then enter the voucher code and the amount you paid will appear as credit on their account. They can then use that credit in place of any payments on our site.

The most common use of such a credit is to upgrade a license to a higher level, for example upgrading a Demo to S1 or S2, or upgrading an S1 license to S2.

Select voucher value :

Please enter the value of the voucher you would like to buy. This can be any amount from £3 to £36.

The type of license this can buy depends on the country of the person who you are giving the voucher code to, because the price of a Live for Speed license varies by country.

Desired voucher value: £

How much do LFS licenses cost in the country my friend lives in?

Show license prices for

S1 £12
S2 £24
S3 £36