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Live for Speed, Patch 6B

Dear LFS Racers,

We are pleased to announce a new version of Live for Speed with many updates and improvements. The new tyre physics model is still in development, so this version uses the old tyres but with an improved collision system, open track configurations, free view mode, and much more. It provides some interesting new features for LFS racers, while we continue our development. Thanks to our forum members for testing over the last eight weeks!

Some new things in 0.6B :

- New free view mode and layout editor - not bounded by the path
- Improved collisions with objects, barriers, cars, pit garage exit
- Open track configurations allowing you to drive anywhere
- You can now place up to 800 objects to create circuits
- Blue flags, qualifying, race positions list are supported
- New objects added - all objects available at all tracks
- Collision detection and reporting system (via InSim)
- Graphical optimisations improving frame rates
- Adjustable tyre warmers for hot lapping
- Many other fixes and improvements

Three ways to get Version 0.6B :

1) AUTO UPDATER - If you already have version V, W, X, Y or Z :

- Click on "Multiplayer" then "List of Games" in LFS and choose a download mirror.

2) MANUAL PATCH (3.2 MB) - If you already have version Z25 :

- Click HERE and save the patch installer.
- You can run the patch installer from its download location or from your LFS folder.

3) FULL VERSION (134 MB) - If you are new to LFS or making a fresh installation.

- Click HERE to visit the download page and get the full version installer.

List of changes from 0.5Z28 to 0.6B :

Contact detection and collisions :

Improved contact detection with road / walls / pit garage exit
Improved collisions with unmovable objects (e.g. red barriers)
Unmovable objects (e.g. ramps) now have concrete friction level
Improved wheel contact detection to reduce bad car collisions

SHIFT+U mode :

New free view mode replaces the old "low" and "high" path modes
Object or ground targeted by the mouse pointer is now detected
Left mouse button moves view point by "dragging" target point
Double click to move view point directly towards target point
Mouse wheel moves view point towards or away from target point
Left + Right mouse buttons rotate view point around the target
Arrow key movement follows ground below view point when possible
Store up to 10 views per track configuration with SHIFT+NUMBER
Recall a stored view with CTRL+NUMBER (or click the button)
Click on a car to follow it / look away to stop following
List of connections is now displayed in SHIFT+U mode
FIX : N key with options on caused overlapping text

Autocross editor :

New objects added and all objects are available at all tracks
Maximum number of autocross objects increased to 800 (was 512)
Multiple object selection - press CTRL and click object button
Selection can be deleted, copied (O), moved (M), rotated (,/.)
Object positioning is now accurate (uses mouse target detection)
Less CPU / better checks when adding / moving / deleting objects
Adding / removing autocross objects no longer resets all objects
Prevented mouse camera movement between button click and release
Reduced Z-buffer flickering of chalk objects and pit stop markers
Speed limit no longer enforced if autocross start position exists
Save layout button is now displayed in an SPR (same as in an MPR)
W/E/,/. keys now move values in minimum steps and use auto repeat
FIX : Name of loaded layout now remains or is cleared as expected
FIX : Could click on invisible replay slider when buttons visible
FIX : Could add marshall circles out of bounds (then undeletable)
FIX : High altitude layout objects appeared under ground on load
FIX : Start position sometimes remained active after deleting it

Open configurations :

New "drive anywhere" open configs (CTRL in track select screen)
Add checkpoints / barriers to use open configs as race circuits
Checkpoints can now be up to 62 metres wide to include pit lane
Open configs can be selected with text command like /track=SO1X
Custom layouts race progress / history now stored at LFS World
Qualifying / race positions list / blue flags are supported

Optimisations :

Frame rate increased - drawing most world objects is much faster
Optimised transparent objects (e.g. fences) to help open configs
Much better frame rate with many autocross objects (faster draw)
Removed continual small memory leaks (materials list corruption)
Number plate generation is much faster, reducing pit-out glitch

Hotlapping support :

Tyres section in garage - settings for tyre warmer temperatures
You can load a layout in hotlap mode (may include start position)
NOTE : LFS World hotlaps may include start position - not objects
Hotlapping is possible on open configurations (not for LFS World)
Exit from pits now results in a clean restart to hotlap position
Reliable detection of wall side impacts (e.g. at South City)
Pit stops are no longer available in Hotlapping mode

Interface :

Unlock screen now renames unnamed player to user name on exit
Clicking selected track loads that track (like pressing ENTER)
Windows messages processed in a cleaner way (affects key presses)
Mouse movements are processed more efficiently (drag / slide)
FIX : Mouse look info could go off screen in some languages
FIX : An invalid view could be selected when no cars in race
FIX : Meeting room scroll bar was invisible in recent versions
FIX : Occasionally refuelling did not match set amount

Graphics / Audio :

Improved display of help text / lesson text / welcome messages
F9 tyre diagram and SHIFT+L suspension diagrams now antialiased
Improved tyre optimisation - no missing parts of deflected tyres
Entry screen logo and frame are now drawn if a dialog box is open
FIX : In Driver Options the driver intersected with world objects
FIX : Reset from behind a barrier at South City could stop sound
FIX : Missing shadow on ground near fences at Autocross track

Multiplayer :

Wear limit for changing tyres can be set to 100% (never)
List of hosts can now show hosts you are not licensed to join
Host name is displayed in task bar and window title (if Latin)
Dedicated host window now adds new messages without flickering
Implemented VOB mod protection (physical changes will cause OOS)
Maximum qualifying time increased from 60 minutes to 240 minutes
Host options are now readable when opened from game setup screen
Default host IP address is now (address of local host)
CTRL+SHIFT now displays time and date in all multiplayer replays
Driver sent his / her setup - message is now displayed only once
Removed TCP filter that allowed old versions in the list of hosts
FIX : On joining host, cars not past finish line showed wrong lap
FIX : Some problems resulting from multiple requests to join race
FIX : Pit stop did not end if car was knocked out of the pit lane
FIX : Some crashes that could result from an invalid unlock state
FIX : Some missing images (e.g. track select) caused LFS to crash
FIX : Suspension could incorrectly stay broken on remote computer
FIX : It was possible to get stuck on the track selection screen
FIX : Host restart exploit caused by multiple join packets
FIX : Avoided some possible unauthorised connections

Text commands :

New command /ck cancels any kick or ban votes in progress
New command /cv cancels game votes (restart / end / qualify)
Command /modified=yes allows a private host to avoid CP checks

InSim :

NLP / MCI minimum time interval reduced to 40 ms (was 50 ms)
New IS_RIP option FULL_PHYS to use full physics when searching
Longer IS_MST now up to 128 chars / specify sound / send to all
Lap timing info added to IS_RST (standard / custom / checkpoints)
New packet IS_CON reports details of contact between two cars
New packet IS_OBH reports information about any object hit
New packet IS_HLV reports incidents that would violate HLVC
New packet IS_PLC sets allowed cars for individual players
New packet IS_AXM to add / remove / clear autocross objects
New packet IS_ACR reports successful or attempted admin commands
OutGauge : OG_SHIFT and OG_CTRL (keys) bits added to OutGaugePack
Security : InSim can no longer be initialised from a URL command
FIX : TTime in IS_RIP was wrong in mid-join Multiplayer Replays
FIX : Clutch axis / button was not reported from Controls screen
FIX : IS_BTN did not allow the documented limit of 240 characters
FIX : InSim camera with vertical pitch would cause LFS to crash
FIX : OutGaugePack ID was always zero regardless of ID in cfg.txt

Track fixes :

BL : Repaired floating laptop on tool box in first pit garage
SO : Removed a ghostly collision object in South City pit lane
SO : Removed two barriers embedded in tyre wall (Sprint Tracks)
SO : Repaired a sunken barrier closing pit lane (Sprint Track 1)
WE : Fixed the position of the reversed configuration finish line
KY : Removed some barrier end segment errors from Oval / National

Misc :

New Ukrainian translation included
Hungarian translations of training lessons updated
CTRL+C now clips the mouse so window size cannot be adjusted
Admin commands from all connections are now logged (if enabled)
If logging is enabled a message is logged when an admin connects
TC Allowed Slip slider now goes up to 20% (previous maximum 10%)
The digit "1" now occupies the same screen space as other digits
On changing allowed cars, disallowed cars now join the spectators
Improved detection of invalid window positions when starting LFS
URL command is now case insensitive - LFS:// or lfs:// both work
Misc options : F9 / F10 accelerometer can be shown as one value
Cruise : current lap is not displayed if lap timing is disabled
Cruise : no need to drive a lap before serving DT / SG penalty
FIX : Racing line did not work again after viewing invalid car
FIX : It was possible to set qualifying on an autocross layout

- LFS Devs