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Posted by dekojester

LFSCART and LFSCART Light 2013 Is Here!

The premier Single-Seater league of New Dimension Racing, the LFSCART Series, and it's support series LFSCART Light Series, return for another season of exciting FO8 and FOX action this summer! Both series retain their mixed-discipline format, with two of the nine rounds for each being on the Kyoto Oval. The Sixth Annual Kyoto 500 highlights the LFSCART season on 29th June 2013, and LFSCART Light returns with "The Night Before The 500" on June 28th.

The LFSCART Light Series run on alternate Fridays starting 3 May, the LFSCART Series run on alternate Saturdays starting 4 May. Defending Kyoto 500 champion Niko "nikopdr" Puntola has signed up already for LFSCART, which automatically enters him into the 2013 Kyoto 500. All LFSCART entrants are automatically entered into the Kyoto 500, anyone else who enters Kyoto 500 only has the chance after to convert their entry into LFSCART.

The LFSCART Series is the only NDR Series to have taken place in every year of it's existence, along with the single events Kyoto 250 and Kyoto 500. It challenges driver's skill with the powerful Formula V8 car, carrying a 3.0L V8 outputting 450 BHP of power, 762 bhp/ton power-weight ration. The FO8 features no traction control, making the only traction control the driver's foot on the accelerator pedal.

The FOX has a 2.0L inline 4 engine, generating 190 bhp. It doesn't have the full beast power of the FO8, but it's got enough power behind it to provide some great racing at respectable speeds.

Both series employ a formation lap prior to a standing start, adding another element for the drivers to contend with. LFSCART Series races usually last a bit over 90 minutes, LFSCART Light Series races just over 1 hour. Both employ the possibility of Safety Car deployments should an accident warrant, as well as a compulsory pitstop in the LFSCART Series.

Past LFSCART Series Champion Robbin "Drifters Only" Heijermann had this to say about the LFSCART Series: "LFSCART is the most challenging LFS championship there is. Not only due to the nature of the car but also because the drivers have to be competitive in all and adaptive to circumstances to challenge for the drivers championship."

Defending Kyoto 500 Champion and reccurent LFSCART and LFSCART Light participant Niko "nikopdr" Puntola has this to say: "[20:06:13] - Niko: I find LFSCART enjoyable because it mostly uses the singleseater which I happen to like the most, adminning has mostly been one of the best I've seen in the community hosted competitions, and mainly due to the fact that LFSCART is a rather enjoyable series with a lot of variation in the schedule and most importantly, the Kyoto 500 which in my opinion has to be the best single event."

Signups are open now and remain open on a rolling basis throughout the season for both series!

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