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NDR Kyoto 250
NDR Kyoto 250

2013 Kyoto 250, LIVE on 30 March 2013!

The Great LFS Race returns for its 6th annual occurrence on 30 March 2013!

250 miles around the Kyoto Ring Oval in Live for Speed, 135 laps. A challenge of car and driver. The XR GT Turbo (XRT) vehicle used lacks much aero grip, and is all about the mechanical grip to get the car through the corners. The tricky turn 3 separates the men from the boys, and also keeps all drivers on their toes to keep tyre wear to a minimum.

Defending Champion Robin "Robendo" Friskopps claimed the pole with a laptime of 47.88 seconds. Three-time Kyoto 250 champion Phil "PMD9409" Diaz will start from 25th position. Jarl "arox123" Teien and Oscar "oscarhardwick" Hardwick make up Row 2 after winning their respective Twin 115 qualifying races. Hardwick and Martin "Flame CZE" Kapal showed a strong ability to work together during their Twin 115, while Teien won in an impressive dual with Friskopps.

Other drivers to watch this year include perennial contender Kenneth "racer hero" O'Keefe, along with consistent drivers Ramon "ChristijaNL" Blauwhoff and Patrick "FalconBridge" Hall.

Join Chris Wilkinson, Nolan Scott, and Thilo Falkenberg for flag-to-flag coverage of the event, starting from 17:30 UTC on Saturday, 30 March 2013 on Stream I. Green flag scheduled to fall at 17:45 UTC.

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