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Posted by Victor

View your online encounters

Hello racers,

There is a new feature on LFS World, which is the Encounters tab in the Racers & Hosts online window.
It will list all the people you have met online the past 90 days (although recording started 5 days ago at the time of writing, so much more data is still to be collected).
You can see who you met where and how many times, how many races you've done against that person and the date of the latest encounter. There's also a link pointing to the details of the last races held against people in the list.

As data is collected, you will be able to see who you've met online frequently and perhaps it will also show who you've done good races with.

It may be possible to use this data in more ways in the future, such as host suggestions according to who you've previously raced online with and who is online at the time. So if you have suggestions, feel free to write about them, here or on the forums.