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Posted by jmeade

Angry Angus Racing is running for the cure

On September 29th, 2012, Angry Angus Racing will race a special pink skin in the season finale of the GT2 World Series by New Dimension Racing. The skin is designed to raise awareness for the 23,000 Canadians and the nearly 1.5 million people worldwide who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

In North America, pink is the colour for breast cancer awareness and October is breast cancer awareness month. Every Fall, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation holds the CIBC Run For The Cure as one of its principal fundraisers. Angry Angus Racing is taking part in this event and hopes to raise $1000. If the goal is reached, Jared Meade (team manager) will paint his go-kart pink for his final championship deciding kart race of the season. In addition, the most generous sim racing team will win a made-to-order team promo video prepared by Zoltan Gacsi (wody21).

Donations can be made at:
All donations are made in Canadian funds, $15CAD = ~12Euro = ~10GBP
Please enter your race team name as "personal message for the participant" to be counted in the video contest

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