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Posted by TFalke55

The grids of CityLiga 16

The first important phase of the new CityLiga season is completed and all competitors can now cool down a bit. But one does not have too much time as next Monday kicks off the season in South City. Training for this might be required.
After an eventful closing day of the Grid Qualification. we can announce the grid sizes: CL16 will feature three grids of 29 drivers and a small waiting list due to the currently 98 signed up racers.

Link to the list including the grid seperation:

After 1069 driven laps in total at the two challanging combos, for the first time ever featuring open config tracks, the distance betweeen the drivers is slightly bigger then usually. The biggest portion is again speaking German (among others with eight Austrian and three Swiss drivers, as well as a German speaking Norwegian), but there are again drivers from international LfS euphoria: Three from Poland, two from England, two from the Netherlands and one from Finland, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Serbia, Czech Republic, Turkey and Hungary.
On the team side, Xcite Racing, Heroes of Racing (7 drivers each) and BurnoutCrew (10 drivers) are, as usual, largely represented. Team ev0 returned also with 10 drivers. But sure things can change as sign-ups stay open until the end of the season.

Last but not least some information:

You can enter your team following the instructions on the CL forums, the poll about round 5 of the season is still open and you can vote for this season's stewards. All can be done on the CityLiga forums.