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Posted by TFalke55

CityLiga goes YouTube

Yes, it took a while, but now CityLiga has its own YouTube-Channel. As Simrace-TV and New Dimension Racing Television deliver streams in good quality, it now was time to start a Channel. Because YouTube does some good work in copressing the videos, a certain minimum resolution is important to keep the streas good looking, If you don't know, what I mean, please compare the first four CityLiga 15 races to the latest two.

The advantages to be on YouTube are clear: You drivers/visitors have an easier access to the streams, our Mediathek server gets unloaded and the CityLiga can present itself to a larger audiance, who didn't know CityLiga before and now find their way to our league via YouTube. Of course all streams will be downloadable from our Mediathek in original quality.

You can find the Channel at or at the CityLiga homepage "Archiv" -> "Youtube"

article by Ethi
translation by Falke