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Posted by zeromussov

Important: pre-qualifying starting saturday the 19th!

With almost 100 signups for our second season we have decided to run a pre-qualifiying system. This means you have 4 days to put in your fastest lap on our server.

There are no lap or car (model)restrictions. This means you can qualify in all 3 cars, your fastest time will count in the end. The server stats will be reset tomorrow (saturday 19th) @ 15.00 UTC, from this moment everyone has 4 days to put in their fastest time. The server stats will close tuesday the 22th @ 20.00 UTC.

It's not allowed to gain any unfair advantage while doing your laps on our server. If we find out any suspicious activities you will be banned for the remainder of this season.

You can track your own and other times here. (can also be found under the menu: Live - Pre-qualifying) The top 30 drivers will get a spot to drive in season 2. The reserve list will be made out of the other times, sorted by the fastest lap.

Check the tracker