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Posted by Krutch

OWRL kicks back into action with S2 Season 18

The Open Wheel Racing League announces its next S2 Season starting this month. S2 Season 18 will bring you the best open wheel racing in Live For Speed using a variety of formula cars. Once more, all drivers take part in the same competition to fight for the championship in one of LFS longest standing leagues. This season will see drivers deal with the Formula XR for the first two races, then get ready for close action in the Formula BMW in the middle section and jumping in the Formula V8 to decide the championship.

All events will be run using the sprint and main race combination, where the top 8 finishers from the sprint race are reversed for the main race. Once more not only a driver championship will be battled out, also teams will fight for the honor of being the best in the first 2011 edition of OWRL's S2 Season series.

(# date: track (car) - # laps sprint / main)
R1 26-02: Kyoto National (FOX) - 8 / 27
R2 12-03: Aston Historic rev (FOX) - 6 / 21
R3 26-03: South City Long (FBM) - 9 / 28
R4 09-04: Fern Bay Gold rev (FBM) - 11 / 34
R5 23-04: Blackwood GP (FO8) - 11 / 35
R6 07-05: Kyoto GP Long (layout) (FO8) - 7 / 28

For all events, a 15 minute qualifying session decides the start order for the sprint race. The top 8 finishers will be reversed for the main race starting grid, encouraging even more close racing. We will use as many servers as needed for all interested drivers. Servers are limited to 28 drivers per server.

For the sprint race 33,33% of the points will be awarded. For the main this is 66,67% for a total of 100%.

In a season the worst result is dropped. The points are compared on a event basis (sprint/main race combined for phase 1 & 2). This means, if a driver completes and scores points at all six events, the event he scored the least points in is discarded. If a driver misses an event, that automatically will become his worst result. The two drivers scoring the most points for each team will count toward the team championship.

To join, simply register on and sign up for each event you plan to take part in. For further details on the competition, see the S2 Season info page.

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