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Posted by zeromussov

Signups for season 2 are now open!

Sign-ups for the second season of Apex Cup are now open! You can signup in the following thread on the LFS forum.

For each event there is a maximum of 2 drivers per team. (more signups per team are allowed, but only 2 of them can drive in a round) You can also signup with multiple teams, like: Team #1, Team #2 etc.

25.02.2011 Round 1 South City Long - TBO
11.03.2011 Round 2 Fern Bay Black - FOX
25.03.2011 Round 3 Blackwood GP Reversed - LX4
08.04.2011 Round 4 Westhill International - FO8
22.04.2011 Round 5 Kyoto Ring National - RAC/FZ5
06.05.2011 Round 6 Aston Cadet Reversed - MRT
20.05.2011 Round 7 Kyoto Ring GP Long - GTR

Detailed information about the schedule can be found here.

The format of the events is as following:
- 30 minutes Qualification
- ±15 minutes Sprint Race
- ±45 minutes Main Race (top 10 reversed)

The races will be held on Fridays at 18 UTC, with a total rounds of 7.

Can be found on our website.

#ApexCup @ GameSurge

Drivers who take part should create a profile on our site. (new users only) This is needed to track the results/standings etc. Please use your LFSWorld name for your username so we can easily connect the right data.