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ineX Racing' set the pace! MTX made their dreams come true and the veteran train of team inactive wins the LRF class in their LX

“ineX Racing set the pace!”
That’s what it looked like this weekend. If you need a package of Performance, reliability and teamwork there’s pretty likely written “ineX” on this package. Right from the start they left no doubts that they’re not leading the LFS-scene for no reason, they’re also here to win this 24h race.

Winner of 24h DoP Race in GTR class:
1. ineX Racing 2. TDRT GT1 3. ev0»Racing B to teh F
Winner of the DOP double tour 2010/2011 GTR:
1. ineX Racing 2. ev0»Racing B to teh F 3. TDRT GT1

That’s what happened, at the third DOP 24h race. The race started at 8 o’clock in the morning (UTC+1) with the GTR, N-GT and LX6’s at the Grand Prix reverse configuration of the Kyoto track. 15 Teams were able to finish the race instead of 2 teams who weren’t able to make it to the finish. Nobody gifted the win to “inex” on this fast, winding track, but nobody made it too hard for them either.” Evo>>Racing” tried to take the win away from them and grab the DOP title 2011. With b0rn and” flix” “ev0>>Racing” had two fast racer’s in their lineup who were able to win the Tour in 2009 and 2010. With their former rivals “Philipper”, “Sven” and “looka” aboard. Mixing the driver together didn’t work. Time goes on and the fastest today were “ineX” who made it to the #1 spot in the end. The team of TDRT made the best result possible with their inferior FXR and can see themselves as second winner. The third team on the podium is ev0>>Racing .

“MTX made their dreams come true, first victory in a 24h race”
To say it was exciting wouldn’t be enough if you talk about the N-GT class. The quality of the field was very high and though the fight about the win in this class was open until the early morning. Because some teams were at the same level, skill wise and speed wise who’s leading the race was often decided at the pit exit. HOR had bad luck with a disconnect in the early morning who made it unable for them to win, because of the one lap penalty. MTX used their chance with no doubt and never lost the lead for the rest of the race. MTX did exactly what you should do if the favorites struggle. Win! But it wasn’t only luck at all, they are used to prepare themselves very well for such races, congratulation! At the end Concept Racing made a pass at “HoR” who ended up being third.

Winner of 24h DoP Race in N-GTR class:
1. Project MTX.1ST 2. Concept Racing 3. Heroes of Racing
Winner of the DOP double tour 2010/2011 N-GTR:
1. Project MTX.1ST 2. Heroes of Racing 3. eXtrem Racing

“The veteran train of team inactive wins the LRF class”
Only a hand full of teams could be bothered to race in the premium LRF class. But some crazy guys were found who wanted to prove their skills with a 24h drift. Sadly the top favorites of “Golden Ayer” didn’t make it long in the race, which made the field of LRF’s even smaller. The veteran train of “team inactive” so had to race the slowest N-GT because in LRF they were a class of its own from now on. In the end they could win this class by a hefty margin of 12 laps. A fight of dramatic and emotions was fought behind them for second place. A hard fight with fast laps in the late hours of the race was gifted 15 minutes before the end of the 24 h race, with a second place for team “BizerAY”. The “honks” had a hard time after a shift p with default setup on the track and so came third in the end. But still nobody could imagine such a close fight in the very least minutes of this race.
Winner of 24h DoP Race in LRF class:

Winner of 24h DoP Race in LRF class:
1. TEAM INACTIVE 2. [BizerAY] 3. LX6 Honks
Winner of the DOP double tour 2010/2011 LRF
1.-[BC]- LX6 Honks 2. TEAM INACTIVE 3. Golden Ayer

At the end we also want to thank you for your support and praise. The DoP became THE DoP, because the driver and teams, who took part made it what it is today. A Multiclass Endurance Tour with special flavor, before while and after the races.
This year’s race especially the 24h race was a novel, because it was held without any written protest. That’s how we always wanted to have it. Just drive and have fun. This all is the DoP. If there will be a DOP 2010 we can’t say at this moment. There are many reasons for it, one is the decreasing number of racers, which sadly is a general problem in LFS. In the end we don’t make it for us, though it’s sad not to have a full grid, because even for only two racers’ it would be the same amount of work for us. We will see. Keep Racing!

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