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Posted by michele0676

Race 1 Result, SO1 & UF1

Yesterday is started the CILFS 2011.
Two manches, in South City Sprint, with the UF1.
25 laps for manche, with 15 mins of qualification for race 1 grid, and grid reverse for 8 drivers in race 2.

Pole position for Malcomax (M. Bartolotta).

In race 1: Malcomax (M. Bartolotta), MaurizioNaselli (M. Naselli), Okre (A. Conte).
Here the complete race 1 stats:

In race 2: Enkidu (G. Graziano), Malcomax (M. Bartolotta), michele0676 (M. Campini)
Here the complete race 2 stats:

Here the video of race summary buy Daniele Conserva: