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Posted by DeadWolfBones

24 Hours of Aston Grand Prix: Two Skinning Contests!

The MoE admins are pleased to announce two skinning contests in the leadup to the 24 Hours of Aston Grand Prix race, scheduled for January 24th, 2009.

First of all, we would like to welcome the members of the LFS community to create a skin for the MoE VW Scirocco safety car for this event. The only requirement is that the skin utilize the Masters of Endurance logo. All community members are welcome to submit an entry. The entries will be judged by the MoE admins, and a winner will be chosen. This winning skin will be featured on the 24 Hour race broadcast and on the forum.

On the other end of the skinning spectrum, the MoE 24 Hour race has always been a showcase for stunning team skins. Last year's race saw the introduction of F1RST Racing's famous "Spiderman" skin and CoRe's tiger-centric redesign, among many others. For this season's 24 Hours of Aston Grand Prix, the MoE admins would like to invite all MoE teams to create a special one-time skin for the event. Teams are welcome to employ the help of freelance skinners. As always, the skins must include both the league and race logos (the race logo will be available soon), as well as the MoE sun strip and appropriate number plates. Beyond these requirements, the only limit is your imagination! These skins will then be rendered and put on display, and all LFS Forum members will be able to vote on their favorite. The winner will be featured on the 24 Hour race broadcast and on the forum.

The deadline for submission of entries for both contests will be Saturday the 10th of January, 2009. Please submit all entries via email to applications _at_ AND deadwolfbones _at_

Best of luck to all entrants!