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(IHR)Random Madness Competition with CASH prizes

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

To celebrate the opening of our brand new server, (IHR)Random Madness, we have decided to run a competion.

There will be a first prize of £50 and the remainder of the prize fund will be shared equally between 5 runners up. This will sent to the winners via paypal.

The competiion will Start on the 3rd July 2010 at 19.00 GMT and run until the 31st August 2010 19.00 GMT

To be eligible for a prize you must run at least 200 laps on the server while the competition is running.

There will be 6 racers picked from the following criteria and the winner will simply be drawn out of a hat. The criteria will be:

Most amount of Driving points (!ptd)
A Random position in the driving points ranking (!ptd) This number will be decided with input from lfs forum users after the event.
Most amount of laps driven
Top 3 points per lap (if you score 200 points in 200 laps your points per lap will be 1) In the event of a tie this will go to the racers with the highest safety rating.

In the event of the same driver filling more than one criteria a different driver will be picked using one of the above criteria. (ie if driver with most points also has most laps then 2nd most laps driver will be picked.)

As you can see the first prize may not go to the fastest racer or the racer who has the most amount of time to spend on the server. With the random ranked player becoming eligible it really will mean ANYONE can win the top prize.

Our normal server rules will apply and the reports section on our forum will work in the usual way with full visiblity.

If you are currently banned from IHR servers we will be accepting appeals on our forum and will deal with each case seperately.

Good Luck

Ironhorse Racing