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Posted by skswat

C&S Demo Rallycross Championship

Date: June 16th (Qualifying 4 P.M. GMT until 5) & 17th (Race at 4 P.M. GMT)
Race: 30 laps with no pit stop required.
Entry Requirments: none to enter, must place top 12 in qualifying to race.

This is a one time only event

To enter post below in this format:

LFSWorld Name: Cornys
Real Name: Cameron Corns
Car Number: 0-99 + 00-09
Racer Name: Cornys #5
Team: (None)
Car: XFG or XRG

There are no skins required though they are allowed and you simply may show up at the time you have been told to enter. If you are waiting to enter the serverbefore your time please do not enter. Please wait in the Meeting room and I or somebody else will let you know when you may enter the server for qualifying.

You're identification number does not have to be on your car, but must be at the end of your user name before racing or qualifying.

On race day you will only be allowed to race if you qualified in the top 12 of all of the drivers. Qualifying results will be posted here at the end of the session.

This event will be held at [WCL] server on both dates. There is an unlimited number of people allowed to enter, but you mut be in the top 12 of qualifying times between all of the qualifyers. The qualifying session will last an hour but you will only be permited 10 min. to tun your lap before you either leave the server or are kicked from it allowing the next set of drivers to qualify.

Qualifying groups will be a full demo field of 12 cars.

Race: The race will be 30 laps without a stop. If you roll over or otherwise are no longer able to move your car you will be spectated if you do not do so yourself. You then will be allowed to watch the remaineder of the race if you wish to. You will not be permited to watch the rest of the race if you are spectated for crashing or otherwise.

Race staff have the right to refuse entry.