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Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

June Trophy - Round 1 complete review

With the new car, new contestans arrived at the Fun Racing League for some FBM action. The first round of the June Trophy was again a lot fun, with tense races that lived up to the expectations!

Drivers arrived at Aston National Reversed course for the first round of the Trophy. Top men in the previous Trophy [Q3]makakazo and RRT|CRNI looked a bit off the times in the prequalifitacion, with WR holder Naselli, MalcoMax and [Q3]Guiouton getting the top three during prequal. The race was scheduled for a 15 minutes hardcore qualifying session and two races of 13 laps each, scoring points the top 15 finishers of both races.

The hardcore qualifying session started in a funny way when SR|bLB exited his box in wrong direction, causing a little chain crash. Despite this, the session went on as usual and again we saw a difficult track with many cars in very little space. After having beaten the previous world record, Naselli was expected to get pole position with a 1:53 lap, but he did a 1:54.39 which wasn't enough to beat MalcoMax' 1:54.18.

Provisional qualifying results:

The first race saw some intense fighting, very tense battles with drivers giving their best to catch the ones in front, and of course some spins and incidents. After a very clean start with most cars doing the first chicane without problems the first incident came when VRT|O.Schöpf tried to outbrake four cars at the hairpin after the backstraight. He entered the corner a bit too fast and a slight contact with SR|bLB made him spin causing a chain crash that involved at least six more cars in several degree.

In lap 3, at that same hairpin, the previous Trophy champion [Q3]makakazo suffered a spin after slightly stepping over the grass with his rear-right under acceleration. He had just passed SR|bLB for 5th, but this spin made him go to 17th place, and finally finished only 12th. Another contender from the last Trophy, RRT|CRNI, went off track twice losing many positions in laps 4 and 6, and finally lost connection to the server when he was racing in 18th position.

In lap 7 the positions up front looked stable, with MalcoMax, Naselli, T.Höfer, Guiouton, bLB and Tim leading the race ahead from the pack. Naselli looked able to fight with MalcoMax for the win, but in lap 8 he made a mistake entering the first chicane and spun when he was reentering the track from the grass. He rejoined in 6th, which would be his final position.

Malcomax now had the victory in his hand, but the second place was still to be decided between T.Höfer and Guiouton. Both drivers fought it clean and after several overtakes in the last lap Guiouton managed to get Höfer's slipstream after the last fast corner and beat him in acceleration in the straight in a close finish.

Provisional race 1 results:

1st. MalcoMax
2nd. [Q3] Guiouton
3rd. mos|T.Höfer

The second race was, as always, a hard battle between the top runners. Naselli, starting 3rd after his 6th place in the first race was the clear favorite. Another clean start considering the tough first chicane, and the race was on!

A lot of overtaking went on in the first laps with all top drivers fighting their way up. In lap 3 T.Höfer was trying to pass [Q3]jorgifumi in the second sector for the 4th place but when he exited his slipstream on the right side there was very little space and he slightly stepped on the grass spinning out of control. A very close incident which made him go from 5th to 19th. He would finally finish in 14th place.

After a lot of changes in the order the top 8 positions in lap 5 were (starting position in parenthesis) Dan(2), Naselli(3), bLB(5), Guiouton(7), makakazo(12), Tim(4), MalcoMax(8) and Jorgifumi(1).

In lap 8 SS|Dan lost the lead to Naselli, and after a mistake in the first turn he lost two more positions to bLB and Guiouton. In lap 9 Guiouton overtook bLB for the second position, and all Naselli, Guiouton adn bLB would finish the race in top positions without any problems.

With the podium decided there was still a hard battle being fought behind with Dan, makakazo, Tim and MalcoMax fighting for the 4th position. Dan would suffer a spin in lap 12 after stepping on the grass in a fast sector when he was driving alone. That mistake made him lose many positions and he finished in 9th. MalcoMax made a good final sprint and passed Tim in lap 12. After that he had only one lap left to get makakazo, which he did in the first hairpin after the backstraight. But makakazo still had a chance to take 4th back as he had MalcoMax' slipstream after the second hairpin. He chose not to attack him and wait until after the final corner in the straight, but his plan misfired as he missed the apex in the final corner losing MalcoMax' slipstream and his chance.

Provisional race 2 results:

1st. Naselli
2nd. [Q3] Guiouton
3rd. SR|bLB

With these results, the event closed with the following final results.

Provisional overall results and Trophy standings after the first round:

1st. [Q3] Guiouton 40 pt
2nd. MalcoMax 38 pt
3rd. Naselli 35 pt
4th. [SR] bLb 29 pt
5th. SS»Tim 21 pt
6th. mos»T.Höfer 18 pt
7th. SS»Dan 16 pt
8th. [Q3] makakazo 15 pt
9th. [AD] Jankes 14 pt
10th. Tsai^vSiD6.8 11 pt
... (19 more)

For extended stats and complete results:
For replays go to spdo's Event Database:

The next race will take place next tuesday (2010/06/08) at 21:30 CEST (19:30 UTC) at South City Chicane Reversed (SO6R), also with the FBM. It is scheduled for a 15 minutes qualifying session and a 45 laps race (50 minutes) with a mandatory pitstop.

All clean racers are welcome to register and sign-up for FRL events at any time! Visit and remember that "racing should be fun"!!!