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Posted by Krutch

Open Wheel Racing League announces MRT Cup 08/09

For the fourth year OWRL users can't wait until Christmas is over. Because then the annual MRT cup starts! In the final days of 2008 and the first of the 2009, drivers will fight for the cup in the smallest open wheel car of LFS. This year it consists of six races over three events. The season starts on 27 December and finishes 1 week later, on 3 January. Will Papafant defend his title or will we have a new champion?

This year's cup consist of two races per evening. The first race will be under 20 minutes, the second race is about 30 minutes with the top 8 of the grid reversed. Both races will count for 50% of the points (as listed in our Div B standings). The calendar for the MRT Cup 08/09:

Sa 27 December - South City Town rev
Mo 29 December - Aston Cadet Rev
Sa 3 January - Fern Bay Gold

More info on To sign up, simply register on the site and sign up for each event you will participate in under "upcoming events".