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Posted by MaKaKaZo
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Fun Racing League

April-May RB4: Trophy wrap, makakazo takes title

The FRL April/May RB4 Trophy has come to an end with a surprising result. Coming into the last round RRT|CRNI had a 21 points lead over closest man [Q3]makakazo. This looked difficult to overcome, especially in a sprint race where the top 8 drivers of the first round reverse their positions for the second one, but the upset finally happened.

Qualifying was again difficult as the hardcore mode only allowed for 4-5 clean laps on a fast HL setup in 15 minutes. With 28 cars in a 1:25 seconds track finding a clear space to attack proved to be quite challenging.

Provisional qualifying results:

The first race suffered a 10 minutes delay due to several issues. [Q3] teammates Guiouton and makakazo managed to open a gap early on and kept on going with a fast and stable pace to secure a one-two finish for [Q3]Escudería. Makakazo got close to Guiouton at times but he never really had a clear overtaking opportunity, as he barely missed his slipstream several times.

The third place of the podium went to SS/Dan who also managed to keep his grid position to the end of the race. Also notable was the run by [Q3]Sergmia who climbed from 29th to 9th after having to start from the back of the grid due to not arriving on time to complete a qualifying lap.

Trophy leader RRT|CRNI only managed to finish 6th, thus losing 10 points to makakazo in this first race. His lead was now cut to 11 points.

Provisional race one results:

After reversing the top 8 positions, the second race began quickly to make up for the delay of the first race. From the start it was clear that it was going to be a hard battle. The cars starting in 5th-8th positions were clearly faster than the ones in front of them, but this combo didn't allow any mistakes and there were few overtaking points.

A lot of intense fighting went on and nobody seemed to get a good opporunity to make up some space. There was plenty of contact at times and probably incidents that will have to be investigated. In one of the many overtaking attempts, SS/Dan and TEM/Y.Laprevotte went side by side into the last chicane, getting both of them off-track. A lot of cars were coming faster from behind and there was a huge bottleneck in the last corner. Out of that incident [Q3]'s makakazo and Sergmia got the best part as both passed by two difficult rivals.

At that point CRNI was 8th and makakazo was 3rd. That wasn't enough for the Trophy, but having passed most of the toughest rivals makakazo finally managed to get some clear space to go for a faster pace. Despite some minor suspension damage he eventually caught and passed first [Q3]SpeedXP and then mega™Predrag to earn a hard worked victory. With makakazo's 1st place CRNI needed to be at least 3rd, but the competition was too tough and he didn't make it.

Mega™Predrag secured the second position after resisting some attacks by Guiouton in the final lap, who finished third. SpeedXP was looking good for third until he had a heavy crash when he unintentionally pushed a key that caused LFS to minimize. Luckily no one else got hurt in that incident.

Provisional race two results:

Adding up the points awarded from both races, these are the provisional(*) results for the event:

1 [Q3] makakazo 45
2 [Q3] Guiouton 41
3 mega™Predrag 28
4 SS»Dan 27
5 SS»Tim 24
6 TEM^sY.Laprevotte 22
7 [Q3] Sergmia 17
8 RRT^vCRNI 17
9 [AD] Jankes 11
10 [Q3]Aitor 10
11 [Q3] SpeedXP 9
12 R4F-ScorpioGT 8
13 R4F Freestyle 8
14 Whiterat GTi 5
15 [Q3] jorgifumi 4
16 [SR] bLb 2
17 R4F Lysergic 2
18 SS»Cleg 0
19 [S-R]Pilu 0
20 LPR Ago76 0
21 SS»Sh00ter 0
22 [Q3] wizoroy 0
23 [RTS] Vito 0
24 LPR BUTTA76 0
25 RRT^vArSena 0
26 D^J??Michael R 0
27 R4F - Conte 0

And these are the provisional(*) Trophy final standings:
(Showing only drivers who scored points)

1 [Q3] makakazo 141
2 RRT^vCRNI 134
3 TEM^sY.Laprevotte 98
4 [Q3] Guiouton 91
5 SS»Tim 80
6 SS»Dan 79
7 AMT»Vule 64
8 VChris 51
9 [Q3] SpeedXP 45
10 mega™Predrag 44
11 R4F Logan 5 40
12 [Q3] Sergmia 37
13 ^J??edline GaspeR 32
14 [AD] Jankes 26
15 R4F - Conte 20
16 AMT»sermilan 19
17 R4F Lysergic 17
18 Whiterat GTi 17
19 [RTS] ET 16
20 R4F Freestyle 12
21 [Q3]Aitor 10
22 [SR] bLb 9
23 R4F-ScorpioGT 8
24 SS»Cleg 7
25 [S-R]Pilu 6
26 SS»Mike 4
27 [Q3] Pitero 4
28 [Q3] jorgifumi 4
30 [GVRc^9]GABRIEL 2

(*) These results are provisional as some investigations may be held to study reported protests and penalties could change some race positions.

The next Trophy will be held during June, with four races reaturing the Formula BMW. Check out for the calendar and sign up for the next race. And remember: racing should just be fun!