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Posted by hanzime

Senna Memorial race event almost there

Only a few days to go before the great event.
here a repeater of what we might expect :

Senna memorial Race 2010
To remember the tragic weekend at 1 May 1994 with the loss of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger, we have a memorial race on Sunday 2nd May.

Program :

Track : Westhill Int.
Car: BF1
Laps : 40 laps.
Pitstop : 1 forced pitstop.
Traction control free to use
Start : qualify 20:30 CET. ( watch our website for correct time the watch is CET time)
Qualify : for 30 minutes, free number of laps.
20:45 : race starts after 1 minute of silence, cars on track must turn engines off.
20:46 : Restart.
Password : SennA (with capitals)

For all of the non league members, please read the rules of our league !!!

No subscription is need, just leave a message here and be there on the track !!! The track will be on this combo one week in advance of the race.

There will be 3 admins just watching and controlling the race. We want a race with 100% respect for Senna !!!!
We will not and can not have some racers ruing the race for others.
During the 1 minute of silence we CLAIM one minute of silence !!! So engines off and no comments or the racer will be kicked.

But like always this will be one nice respectful race to be part of !!!
Cya all on track !!!