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Posted by GreyBull [CHA]
Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

April-May 2010 RB4 Trophy underway

The Fun Racing League is back, for even more fun! Some changes have been made, to make the league more entertaining. A 15 minutes qualifying session has been introduced for each event, replacing the old pre-qualifying system, which will only serve to establish the top 32 getting qualified for the event. Also, two events will be splitted into 2 traces of 25 minutes instead of 1 race of 50 minutes, with a top 8 reversed grid for the second one.

Here's the calendar:

Round 1: Fern Bay Gold(fe3), 07/04/2010(1 race of 32 laps)
Round 2: Aston Club(as2), 21/04/2010(2 races of 20 laps)
Round 3: Westhill International Reversed(we1r), 05/04/2010(1 race of 25 laps)
Round 4: Blackwood Reversed(bl1r), 19/05/2010(2 races of 17 laps)

All events start at 19:30 UTC, and finish at approximately 21:00 UTC. Go to to subscribe yourself for the next events! Remember, you have until Monday to set 10 laps on the next combo, to be eligible for the event.