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Posted by oldnavy

Win S2 Demo cup 1 round!

Finally, the day has come when we are 100% ready to start S2 Cup. The first race will be on the track which is well known for everyone-Blackwood GP.Race and qualification of the first stage will be held on Tuesday (2008 12 02). Registration is still open and all LFS demo players are welcome to join .We have been trying to make the tournament as interesting as possible so everyone could enjoy it.

Qualification lenght will be 25 minutes, but only 12 best racers will be able to participate in the race.The race will start 10 minutes after the qualification end. Event will be held in 2 servers with tag „Win S2 Demo Cup“.The pasword of the server you can find in „“ rules section. We wish success and good preparation for the race to all of you.

Detailed information

Track: Blackwood GP

Car: XFG

Laps: 27

Time: London: 19h

Madrid: 20 h

Istanbul: 21h

Helsinki: 21h

Vilnius: 21h

Wind: Strong