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DoP 2016
DoP 2016

The Qualify Fern Bay Green [R] is still open!

The qualify for the next upcoming race is open. Fern Bay Green Reverse is the difficulty last prelude before the 24hours Aston mainevent starts. We expect now at Fernbay Green a lower participation. Some fast and very skilled teams, some who like these older tracks as a tribute to S1 or some well placed teams in this team competition has joined the qualify.

Look for DoP qualify here:

Look for DoP results here:

Anyway, you are spontaneously? You can join this team challenge sooner or later. Now at Fernby or later at Aston.

Short Information: DoP - Qualify
The Qualify-Session will end on 2010-01-21 at 18:00 (UTC +1).
The Sign-In-Server will close two hours before at 16:00 (UTC +1).
After the Sign-In-Server is closed, there's no more chance to change your team!

Short summary:
After three races 'HoR' is leading the LRF-Class. Leader in the N-GTR's class is the 'Xcite | Magical Doremi' Team and the GTR Leader is still 'Alternative.AXLE3D'. After the last Kyoto 12 hours race, we have had a very emotional and excited discussion in our forum. Details and outcomes you will find in our upcoming race briefing.