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Posted by hanzime

Season 6 calendar released

Now that all the festivities are out of the way,
we are ready to take our place at the race seat !!
After the open races it is again time for the serious work.

So we are glad to release the calendar of the already 6th season of our league.
Again we have chosen for a "learning" curve to start slow and easy, and end difficult.
Also we stay with the formula to only change max 1 component for the next combo.
This gives racers, with less time, the possibility to stay competitive because this system saves on practice time.

During the Easter period we also have some open races, giving the young racers the possibility to study instead of racing.
Except for the last 2 races we change car and track taking the difficulty to a higher level to end the season with.

And a bit later in the season we have a small break with a ROC race. It will be driven with the MRT and with the standard set.

01 24 Jan Aston Cadet (AS1) UF1 3 X 15 Laps
02 07 Feb Aston Cadet (AS1) UFR 4 X 15 Laps
03 21 Feb South City Chicane Route (SO6) UFR 4 X 10 laps
04 07 Mar South City Chicane Route (SO6) LX4 4 x 10 laps
-- 21 Mar Open races during easter period
-- 04 Apr Open races during easter period
05 11 Apr Kyoto National Rev (KY2R) FXO GTR 25 laps
06 25 Apr Aston Club (AS2) FXO GTR 2 X 15 laps
-- 09 May ROC Carpark (BL3) MRT 2 Laps
07 23 May Aston Club (AS2) FZR 45 Laps
08 06 Jun Fern Bay green (FE2) FOX 2 X 22 Laps
09 20 Jun Fern Bay Gold Rev (FE3R) GTR 1 X 38 Laps