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Posted by Krutch

FiredUp leapes ahead of competition with vital win

FiredUp won the Div A race yesterday and has one hand on the championship trophy. With 21 points ahead of H. Vuorinen, all FiredUp needs to do is finish the final race in the top nine to clinch his first Div A title. He was not handed the Blackwood GP rev win yesterday. After Junkan only had to concede pole by 1/100ths, in the race it was H. Vuorinen who took the lead by strategy. FiredUp closed back in on his rival in the final 10 laps and after a perfectly executed pass he took the lead with only two laps ago. If FiredUp makes no mistake in the final race, the main fight will be for position 2 in the championship. Vuorinen now has it but all the drivers up to 8th have a realistic chance of moving up to be the 'best of the rest'.

Nothing between the Div B rivals heading to Kyoto

The above statement is not completely true. SPEED-Link M!ch! and spdoMarcG are seperated by 1 point going into the final Div B round of S2 Season 13. After the sprint race, MarcG had gained enough points with his 5th win of the season to lead over M!ch! by 1 point. But M!ch! fought back in the main race to retake the championship lead. Now it will be who scores the best in the final two races of the season at the challenge of Kyoto GP long. Both drivers can't afford to take eachother though, as the ever consistent 125er | Chris then will be within striking distance.

The Div B1 main race was won by spdoPaddi, who finished almost 25 seconds ahead of Markus Gunzelmann in second. In Div B2 Xcite Cali showed a strong performance, winning the sprint race and then taking another win in the main race, despite starting 8th and his teammate Fireball, who did not wanted to give away the lead without a fight.

The final round of the OWRL S2 Season 13 takes place on 29 November, 20:00 CET. Kyoto GP Long is the track where both championships will be decided. All training servers are up, so drivers start preparing for season finale!