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Posted by Riel

New FZ5-Cup starts the new season in 2010!

January 10th will be the new season-opener in 2010. We will then start with the new FZ5-Cup.
We have made some new links at the site about the FZ5-Cup and also new forum entries.
To give most pleasure for all skill levels there is a restriction applied.
Read all about it in the attached file!

The schedule:

January 10 2010 Aston National AS3
January 31 2010 Kyoto Long reversed KY3R
February 21 2010 South City Chicane Route SO6
March 14 2010 Aston Historic reversed AS4R
April 4 2010 Kyoto National reversed KY2R
April 25 2010 Blackwood GP BL1

Please go to and sign up!!

In the meantime AB is working hard to also get the new schedules for the S2 and FOR-league finished. These leagues will start at January 17th and 24th. Watch the site for more info.