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Posted by Joe_Keaveney

iTCC 2010 Pre-Season Race - Live tonight from 1800 UTC!

Hello race fans !

And even more so fans of brilliant touring car racing.

The iCON Touring Car Championship (iTCC) is back for its second season, and after an immensely popular first season, has returned and is blow up to a huge size. There have been 125 or so signups for this season. We had 61 drivers try to make the pre-qualifying cut for this test race, only 32 of them got in.

We'll see you starting a bit before 18:00 UTC for qualifying (Want to know what time that is to you ? Use the Time Zone Converter). It'll be on livestream, with myself, Michael Passingham, and Michael Booth commentating.

It will be insane. You'd be well advised to have an AED handy for me and Passo and possibly yourself.

Watch on Livestream

Play along at home with Timing & Scoring from spdoRacing Online Host Tracker

You can be the Eye in the Sky with LFS Remote

It'll all be On-Demand shortly after the race, so you can relive the moments to your heart's content until the real season start in January.

See you all later this evening !