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Posted by Michael Radmer

GSL need assistants for the upcoming season

For the upcoming season the GameStar League need some help out of the LFS scene. We want to bring up more international support and coverage around the Premier Relegation and Premier League in 2009. So we decided to implement the following assistants to our staff:

1. League admins (2x)
You have the ability to manage, support and administrate an international league.
You are able to work in a team.
You speak and write good english.

2. Newswriter & Co-commentator
You have expirience in league coverages and co-commentating in broadcasts.
You are able to work in a team and independently.
You speak and write good english.

3. Grafic artist
You have skills in producing or developing grafical placards or logos around the Premier League.
You speak english or german.

If you are interested in one of those issues, we would be glad to get your application by e-mail:

[email protected]

Mika Radmer
GSL LFS Lead-Admin