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Posted by Stefan Gottschalk

RACE-STAR Challenge: Motorsport talk, virtual meets reality.

RACE-STAR presents its first motorsport-show "Virtual meets Reality" live on the internet.

RACE-STAR TV. Motorsport-Talk:
produced by multibc
06.12.2009 - 19:45

eSport is a topical subject. For years the Asian continent is a perfect example, how to present eSport in a perfect way. In Asia gamers are celebrated like rock stars and that's why these virtual events found there way into free TV with a growing community watching the events in the evening.

Contrary to that, eSport doesn't have that status in Europe or America. Some broadcaster even prefer to screen quiz shows with half-naked women. Due to that RACE-STAR and our partner multibc want to go the Asian way, to push forward into new dimensions.

On 06th December 2009 20:00 GMT we will make the first step to reach new dimensions. Under the slogan „Virtual meets Reality“ there will be the first Motorsport-“Talk“. In the context of the third TCM-Race (Touring-
Car-Masters), we will talk with our studio guests about motorsport, eSport and more.
The show will be broadcasted live from the Simulation-Center of the company GGP GmbH (RACE-STAR) in Remscheid.

Visitors in the center and also spectator who want to watch the Livestream are „welcome“!

broadcast: RACE-STAR: Virtual meets Reality
Moderation: Heiko Stritzke

- Oliver Klass, RACE-STAR Manager and host
- rhino's Leipert Motorsport: Marcel Leipert and Norman Knop
- Phil Rose, RACE-STAR driver and current leader of the LTCC

RACE-STAR Challenge

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