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Posted by Victor

LFS News now on LFS World

Hello all,

We are pleased to announce our new LFS News section where in the future you can find not only generic news about Live for Speed, but also news about leagues and events.
Because this will become a centralised place mainly for community news, we have fitted this section with a news submission feature allowing each and every LFS racer to submit news, if they think they have something worthy to report. You can submit generic news or news about a league. You can also add images and files to your news post, just like on a forum basically, except you can use the attachments inside your text as well (see submit page for more information).
To report league news however, the league must first be registered. You can do that here as well. A league can have multiple admins and editors in order to make things as flexible as possible.

Finally I want to add that what you see now is only part of what is planned here. There will be more functionality, especially in the area of leagues and events. But I would like to see if this basic news system works well and / or if there are improvements necessary in any areas.

I hope this section will grow to be a successful and informative one and I'm looking forward to bringing community activity in a bit more central spotlight!