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RETRO Cup | Winter Series

RETRO CUP Winter Serie || THR Mazdarati wins Race 1!

Overall podium: from the left to the right, RG^Lorenzo, THR Mazdarati, ZFRL Thehemuli

It was an action packed start of the RETRO CUP Winter Season in the Green Hell of the Lorenzring.
20 brave drivers accepted the big challenge of the 5+ minutes long track in the outskirts of Westhill, onboard of some of the most spectacular classic cars of Live For Speed.

Prototypes, Hypercars, GT's Porsches, all these cars battled on track for 60 minutes of qualifying and 90 minutes of nai-biting racing, on the edge between triumph and disaster.

PROTOTYPES CLASS ----------------------------------------------

At the chequered flag, it was a familiar face who took it first, before anybody else: THR Mazdarati, the LMP2 Summer Champion, took his first win in the Main Class!
A tactical masterclass for Mazdarati, who didn't panic in the first half of the race while his main rival, RG^Lorenzo (who also is coming from LMP2) was disappearing into the distance.

Mazdarati kept his cool, letting his rival push at the front and consume his tyres: eventually, Lorenzo was forced to Pit, losing the lead of the race.

It was triumph for Mazdarati, who claims his first overall win and jumps at the top of the standings ahead of RG^Lorenzo and Summer Champion RG^Rony, who finished third in the class but fourth overall, a lap down, after a very tough race.
Can the champion bounce back in Round 2?

S1dus Unite also led the LMP1 race in the first few laps onboard of his McLarry, before crashing out and being forced to pit for damage. He eventually retired, frustrated.

Here it is the new Lorenzring track record, by Race Winner THR Mazdarati.

HYPERCAR CLASS --------------------------------------------------------

But the big surprise of the first race of the season is ZFRL's Thehemuli, who finished third OVERALL in the race onboard of his Fraud Hypercar!
Already a protagonist in the previous edition in the GT class, Thehemuli now perfectly adapted to the new hypercar veichle and dominated the opposition from lap 1 at the Lorenzring.
The only other Hypercar survivor of the race was driven by his teammate, LG^Mies, who finished a lap behind, in 5th spot overall.
JEDATTO tried to put in danger the ZFRL's 1-2, but was forced to retire during the race.

GT CLASS ---------------------------------------------------------

While it was one of the most action packed classes of previous seasons, GT class only saw 2 entries at the Lorenzring: RD2 of Race Green and [PM] Jam 616.
RD2 (who driven a Fraud 040) controlled all race long and stayed out of trouble, driving clean and getting more than one lap advantage over his rival Jam 616, on the Piran Firefly.
They finished 6th and 7th overall, a very good result, hoping to see more competition in this class in the next few races!

PORSCHE CUP ------------------------------------------------------------------

This was the most closely fought, intense and nail biting class of this first race of the season.

Porsche Cup delivered a great spectacle in the Lorenzring, with multiple change of leads, tight pack and a victory that was in doubt till the last meter.

The Porsche Whisperer himself, RG^M@ci3k took the lead of the race during a chaotic first lap: it was looking very good for the Race Green legend, even though S.Martin and GUM|Donald were always on his tail.

On Lap 3 GUM|Donald managed to pass both Martin & M@ci3k in the space of two corners, taking the lead and holding it till Lap 9, when M@ci3k passed him back at the Bridge with a brave move.

On Lap 12 M@ci3k lost the lead again at the hairpin, before deciding to Pit for fresh new rubber.
At the front another contender emerged in the closing stages: SG^Madjester pulled off a super second stint of the race and closed the gap to the front duo, overtaking S.Martin and closing in on GUM|Donald in the last few corners.

GUM|Donald managed to hold off his rival at the exit of the Parabolica, and crossed the finish line in first!
P2 for MAdjester, P3 for S.Martin with a very solid debut in the class.
Only P4 for the reigning champion M@ci3k, who's now called for a big response next week!





See you on Monday for Round 2 of the season, in Blackwood Outskirts! Thumbs up