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Comunidad Española Simulación Automovilística Virtual
Comunidad Española Simulación Automovilística Virtual

Road to Rockingham - Official Practice Sessions for the Rockingham500

Road to Rockingham is a series of 4 short races in order for the applicants to practice for the Rockingham500, and so they can earn the Race Credits necessary to be allowed to participate in the Rockingham500.
  • Drivers must register in CESAV if they haven't yet, and sign-up for the practice race.

  • Server will be configured for free practice the week of the practice race, from Monday until Friday at 14:00 CET (12:00 UTC).

  • Qualifying window of opportunity goes from Friday at 14:00 CET until 30 minutes prior to the practice race start.

  • All entrants are required to be on the server ready for the formation lap 15 minutes before the practice race starting time.
These 4 practice sessions will take place on the R500 server, according to the schedule detailed in the R500 official thread

Sign-up for the Rockingham500 on the R500 section of our Discord!