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Posted by PedroXDBR
GT4 Cup Challenge
GT4 Cup Challenge

Round 5 NEWS!

Different strategies made the fun of this round!

Tires went flying on both races, and people choose different compounds to race.

And again drivers was struggling with tire temps, but specifically those with R3s. This time the left portion had a lot of job to do with so many right-hand corners. So for both races the hardest compound easily managed to hold it without overheating.
And it was thanks to these tires that your champ leader managed to keep his lead throughout the whole round! Not only that, he absolutely smashed everyone else by scoring the most points possible for a driver during a round! Scoring pole position, wins on both races + fastest lap AND a highest climber on Race 2, he totals 33 points, more than double the poins of P2 at the end of the weekend!
On the other hand, PedroBR choose to run the R3 tires, managing to keep it cool during the entire Race 1 with constant lap times and getting to P4 after qualifying P8. He even equalized his best lap on 1st race with his quali lap!

This time 15 drivers qualified, with Ric98 in P2 and Moreira in P3, an unthinkable podium for him that managed to finish P2 on the 1st race, ahead of M. Henrique that qualified P7. Azhar won by almost 27 seconds!

After a wrong choice to run Zesty's setup on Race 2, we saw P. Vitor dropping to P5 after finishing P4 in Race 1 and struggles to master the winning setup, unlike anyone else that was very happy with the hardest compound. But this time B. Almeida started P2 on 2nd race just like the grid inverts, and he finishes P2 also, ahead of Domingues that had some issues on the 1st race in which he finishes on 6th place.

Zesty is already the championship winner of the 1st GT4 Challenge, after mastering every round of the league and getting up to 168 points, ahead of Lukaštík with 100 that is being chased by Almeida, only 13 points behind!
While that, P. Vitor and M. Henrique overtakes L. Rosa for P4 and P5 respectively, after Luwk not attending on the last 2 rounds. As its not enough, Murilo is only 7 points behind Pedro! Will him be able to catch MRc driver?