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RETRO CUP | Summer Series
RETRO CUP | Summer Series

Rony Kronpuss wins in Rockingham! | Retro Summer Series

Rony Kronpuss WINS the third round of the Retro Cup Summer Series in the overall! 🔥
The RG legend pushed his Prototype 1 car through the 58 laps of the race, navigating through traffic with masterful skills.

In LMP2, veteran THR Mazdarati and RG Lorenzo were involved in a titanic fight in the first half of the race, exchanging position multiple times.
At the end Mazdarati managed to get the lead, while Lorenzo has technical issues and was forced to loose P2 in favour of [MRC] Talhanberg.

In GT's, Trespasser gets another win after his Kyoto Ring's solitary trimumph, even though it was more close this time around: RG Nosle & RD2 tried to stop him in the first stint of the race, but at the end, Trespasser managed to get a gap.
Due to a late pit-stop, RD2 eventually lost his third spot in favour of B2R's Ayoub Maroc

RG's M@ci3k saw his Porsche Cup domination in danger due to the newcomer, Nex, getting pole & dominating the first half of the race.
However, he clipped the kerb too hard in the 2nd half of the race, and rolled over on his roof, allowing M@ci3k to get back the lead and the third win in a row.

Next and penultimate round is on Monday, in Aston.
See you there!