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MRc E-Challenge
MRc E-Challenge

Epic electric racing action in New York with surprising guests

The round 4 of the Master Race car's E-Challenge went back to its roots, after the battles in the streets of Singapore we returned back to some smaller, tight and twisty circuits. And it was the circuit no other than the New York E-Prix circuit which is considered the home of the E-Challenge series. After all, that's where it all happened for the first time back in 2020 and partially a reason why we have vehicle mods in Live for Speed nowadays.

What would be a somewhat ordinary event turned into something truly special, as we had a special guest on the grid - the man who is rarely seen on the track, but is responsible for all the internal code of our beloved sim, Mr. Scawen Roberts.
This surprising move attracted the interest of some other big names, as Dennis Lind had joined the action as well and Isaac Price was close to showing up as well.

The event began with the healthy grid of 22 cars going into the qualifying. The track was completely dry and the wind was calm, leaving the drivers fully responsible for their times in their two allocated laps. As usual, Gábor Gyüre set a great time of 1:05,20. However Dennis Lind showed he's no newcomer to the world of racing and took the provisional pole away from him with the time of 1:05,07.
The top 8 proceeded into the second qualifying stage, where G. Gyüre came on top in the final duel against Niko Puntola and scored qualifying win and pole position worth of 3 championship points. Niko had to start from second and Imran Azhar from third grid spot.

Race 1 unleashed with G. Gyüre holding the early lead followed by N. Puntola and I. Azhar. In the turn 10 of the first lap L. Rosa was a victim of frequent contacts and his car ended upside down in the hairpin, causing the Safety Car.
It took only two laps of slow pace before the track was clear and the race could be restated with one lap added.

As is usual for Formula E, the epic stuff comes together in the final lap. And it was not any different here in New York. While N. Puntola crossed the finish line with safe distance, followed by I. Azhar in second, a tight group of four drivers was having the battle of their lifes. D. Lind, G. Gyüre, K. Motieuitis and J. Meade all in this order were going for it with only their energy levels keeping them at bay. Exiting the final turn the individual cars started running out of the electric ammunition - the group leader D. Lind was the first one to lose the forward momentum, immediately being overtaken by G. Gyüre, who run out of electrons a tiny moment later. As these two coasted towards the line, K. Motieuitis who still had energy to spend steamed by both and denied Gyüre the podium by only 0,04 seconds on the line. J. Meade had crossed the line just ahead of D. Lind who had the worst finish imaginable, losing 3 places in last 200 meters.

The race 2 started shortly afterwards, with P10 finisher Zdravko Topolnjak on the pole position and Rony Kronpušs alongside him on the front row. K. Motieujitis had to start from the pit lane as his PC had crashed and he couldn't rejoin in time.
With lights going off, Zdravko didn't have the best launch off the line, as he already fell behind R. Kronpušs and M. Kapal before even reaching turn 1. Little pile up occurred behind, but everyone was capable of keeping going.

On lap 7 a brief light rain hit the track, this potential gamble opportunity triggered Lorenzo Lucidi into the pitlane for early tyre change. Unfortunately for him the rain ceased shortly afterwards, leaving him in precarious position as he was at the dead end of the racing field with wrong tyres equipped, intensifying his terrible experience in this race.

Z. Topolnjak got back in the lead by the lap 10. With Topolnjak holding P1, we saw an ancient phenomena only long-time Formula 1 fans recognise - a true Trulli train. This had lasted until lap 18, when both G. Gyüre and I. Azhar made the pass, leaving Zdravko in the dust behind.

With just 8 laps to go, on lap 26, another rain splashed on the track and this time it was enough to declare the racing course wet few laps later, forcing everyone into mandatory tyre change. This however did not affect the race outcome much as everyone was struggling for grip pretty equally, and despite I. Azhar being initially about 1 second per lap faster than leading G. Gyüre, he couldn't catch him in time.
Meanwhile, Z. Topolnjak and J. Meade came together on the final lap, allowing R. Kronpušs and M. Kapal to advance few positions forward.

Gábor Gyüre won yet another race with his nearest championship rival Imran Azhar in second. Niko Puntola occupied the final podium spot with his Pacifi.Tech car.

With penultimate round finished and two worst results dropped, Gábor Gyüre leads the points table with 227 points, only 6 points ahead of the main challenger Imran Azhar with 221 points. Third in the standings is Niko Puntola who is still eligible for the championship fight, however his points difference makes it more difficult.
Karolis Motiejuitis and Jared Meade are in the championship fight as well, however their points deficit is so large, their victory chance is purely mathematical.

The teams championship is pretty straight forward though - Master Race car leads the table with comfortable lead over team S1DUS. Third in the standings is the team Race Green Autosports with 263 points.

The final round is happening just tomorrow. Who will become the new E-Challenge champion? Let's find out. All streamed by

Here's the broadcast replay of the Round 4 so you can re-enjoy the action: